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ExpoMarketing is an award-winning exhibit design and fabrication company that offers services to all clients regardless of the size. Therefore, whether you are a large fortune company, medium or a small-sized business, ExpoMarketing will create a solution for you. The exhibit design and fabrication house have a team of experts that work incredibly hard to make sure that the trade show booths meet your expectations.

Moreover, the company considers every detail, including structure, layout, lighting, flooring, graphics, accessories, furniture and engineering. With the help of their in-house designers, the team of their workers also ensures that your trade show booths are carefully customized to your brand using the quality materials and the latest technology.

Apart from working to make your trade show display look impactful, ExpoMarketing also works to ensure that you enjoy a memorable working experience with them. Consequently, their team collaborates you to support your project to make sure that you get what your trade show needs to be a success. With their group of experienced workers, the company is always there offer a solution at a moment that any on-site issues arise, since trade shows can be unpredictable.

Options Available for Trade Show Booths

When it comes to acquiring a trade show booth with ExpoMarketing, you have two options. These include purchasing and renting.

  1. Custom Booths for Purchase

In most cases, buying a trade show booth offers a more economical choice, mainly if your company exhibits at multiple trade shows. The other primary reason why you might consider purchasing a trade booth is if your company needs everything to be extremely customizable. Moreover, when you choose to buy a booth, you will not have to pay additional payments on it but will be charged every time you use a rental one.

Benefits of Purchasing a Custom Booth

  • Customizable design and construction elements
  • Cost effective if you intend to go for multiple shows
  • Custom flooring options, which allows you to create a personality for your brand into all parts of your booth
  • Incorporates unique technology, features, and furniture, which is unique to your industry
  1. Custom Booth for Rentals

Custom booths for rentals are fully customizable and require you to pay a fraction of the cost of an initial custom purchase only. Therefore, renting does not mean you miss on the quality of the design since most rentals today do not sacrifice the creativity or customization that you can have in a booth.

ExpoMarketing makes all the right considerations to ensure that you get a trade show booth that you can easily customize when renting. In fact, all their custom booths for rental go through a detailed process similar to their custom booth designed for purchase.

Renting is ideal for you if your company is working on a tight budget and you are looking for a custom booth look.


In conclusion, ExpoMarketing offers two ideal options for acquiring trade show booths that suits the needs of all clients. Besides, all their show booths are customizable, which is essential for the image of your brand. A customizable trade show booth tells the story of the company better, allowing it to stand out the floor of the trade show.

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