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The one room in a home where many accidents happen is the bathroom and age does not necessarily matter. Bathing in a tub is one of the most relaxing ways to combat stress, sore muscles and joints. There is an option though a safe way to bathe in a tub without having to step over a large side. Then again having to step out while water is still draining which is often where it becomes dangerous. This is one of the newer models of walk-in tubs which can replace an older bathtub with not only a modern appearance but some extra features that make it even more relaxing to take a bath. 

Pros and Cons of Walk-In Tubs

There are pros and cons with every decision, however, the cons with a walk-in tub are limited. 


• The tub must be entered, and the door closed before filling with water. 
• The door cannot be opened until the tub drains. 
These may seem like large disadvantages however manufacturers of these tubs have addressed these two issues, so the tub can fill rapidly and also drain fast. So, it is not as much of a problem as it may first appear on the con list. 


• The walk-in tub is modern in appearance and takes away the risk of falling getting into or out of the bathtub. 

  • It has a built-in seat so while bathing it can also be a relaxing soak, plus even while draining it is possible to begin drying off while seated. 

  • This is a perfect tub for the older adult since it takes the risk of falling out of the equation and also while drying off it can be a large advantage to be seated. 

  • This also is a tub that is deeper, which means it is easier to soak sore shoulders and necks safely. 

  • The tubs have a verity of styles that include sprayers for washing hair, jets to soothe sore muscles and joints and even heated seats to keep the chill off when filling or draining the tub. 

  • Walk-in tubs have textured pads and seats to prevent slipping and they also have handrails. 

    The Advantages of a Walk-in Tub

    The advantages of a wide walk in tub Athens GA is eliminating the risk of slipping in the tub or getting out of a high sided tub. However, there are more advantages such as raising the value of a home. The addition of this type of tub can raise the value of a home because while it is a benefit for the senior adult, it is also a benefit for anyone with mobility issues. Then there is the fact that it is a sleek modern style with air jets and a handheld sprayer. 

    The property value benefit can also be a selling point if the home is located in a retirement community. This is a community of older adults who would find this adds an attractive advantage. It could mean selling the home faster also since this eliminates the need the buy may need to remodelat a later time to install this type of bathtub.

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