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Communication is a very critical aspect of any business operations and personal relationships. For instance, if you want your business to succeed, you need to have the most advanced telecommunications equipment. This will enable you to build meaningful personal connections that will result in new business opportunities and increase your profit margins. Fortunately there are companies that specialize in providing a wide range of telecommunications equipment.

Telecommunications Equipment Offered in Toronto
If you are based in Toronto, you will find reputable suppliers of different telecommunications equipment. For instance, these companies are known to deal in new as well as remanufactured digital and IP phones, conference phones as well as peripheral accessories. And all these are meant to help in serving the needs of small businesses and even large multinational corporations. Whether you would like to purchase a good quality avaya 9608 IP phone, or are looking for the best cisco phones in Toronto, these companies have you covered. They are well known for offering:

1. Avaya 9600 IP Series Phones
These are unique quality phones that are designed to make your communication as seamless as possible. They are very advanced Internet Protocol phones featuring:

a) Monochrome display

b) Home, Message, Contacts, Call History, Mute, Headset, Speakerphone, and Volume buttons

c) Soft keys

d) A four-way navigation cluster button

e) LED lit buttons

f) Hearing aide compatible handset

g) USB Interface

h) Are Powered by either PoE or the optional power supply
Some of the phones under this category include the Avaya 9601 Sip phones, the Avaya 9608 IP phones, and the avaya 9608 IP phones, among others.

2. Nortel T-Series Phones
This is another category of ultra-modern telecommunications that are meant to greatly ease your communication. They normally come with a range of features to help make your communication easier and more convenient. These include:

a) LCD tilt display

b) Single line telephone

c) Volume control

d) LCD tilt display

e) Programmable keys

f) Programmable auto dial buttons

g) Hold, feature, and release buttons

h) 2 way speakerphone

i) Headset jack
Some of the Nortel T-Series Phones that are offered by these companies include the T7100 Phone, the T7208E phone and the T7316E phone.

3. Cisco Phones
These experts are also renowned for dealing in some of the best cisco phones in Toronto. These are very sophisticated phones that are designed to make your communication a breeze. For instance, some of the key features you can find in these phones include:

a) Pixel based display

b) Menu, Hold, and Volume Control features

c) A Listen only speaker

d) Hearing Aid Compatibility

e) Line, pixal based backlit display

f) Soft keys and four-way navigation key

g) LED-lit programmable buttons

h) Ethernet ports

i) 2-way speakerphone

j) Headset port

k) Powered by either PoE or the optional power supply

Some of the cisco phones that are offered by these companies include the Cisco 7911G IP Phone, Cisco 7931G IP Phone, Cisco 7940G IP Phone, Cisco 7942G IP Phone and Cisco 7975G IP Phone.

Moreover they also deal in Analog Phones, cisco expansion modules, Centrex Phones, Notel M Series Phones and 1100 Series Phones, among others. Besides supplying you with the best quality telecommunication equipment, these professionals can also handle all the installation and repair work.

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