Tue. May 18th, 2021

People are quick to tell you what you shouldn’t do but as we start a new year, it’s time for positive thinking. If you’re looking at your business website and wondering how you can make things better in 2018, here are some good things that you’ll want to achieve with your site going forward:

Content is Key

No doubt you’ve heard web professionals singing the praises of good quality content, but it is really true. Useful and helpful content on your website is the ideal way to interact with, engage and impress your visitors by showing that you are the one to provide real solutions to their problems.

You don’t need to be a talented writer to provide effective content. Some ideas for you to consider are tutorials on how to do something, recipe ideas, fashion trends, customer stories or anything else related to your specific sector. You could include this in a blog or upload videos if you don’t like writing. Infographics and slideshows could be another way to entertain, engage and bond with your customers.


Think about how the tone of your site comes across. The words and phrases you use all have an impact on your customer’s perception of your business. Depending on what business you’re in, you need to adjust your tone to appeal to your target audience. By getting this right, you’re proving to your customer that you know them, understand them and therefore in a good position to supply what they need. Consumers prefer brands that relate to them and share the same values. For help getting your tone right, consider using Web design and development services London at https://www.redsnapper.net/web-development-services-london/design-and-build-websites


Humans are heavily influenced by visual cues so incorporating lots of imagery on your site is a great idea. Provide lots of photos of your product or services, team members or office/shop. Online shopping means we consumers can’t physically see and touch the item they want to buy so imagery is crucial. Photos help site visitors to get a feel for the item, understand the size and material, see the colour and grasp how an object is used etc.

A Matter of Trust

One of the most important things you can do for your customers is reassure them that they can trust you. Fraud online is a serious and growing threat, so if you’re an ecommerce site, your customers need to know their payment and personal information is safe. Trust badges displayed on your site are vital so customers understand their details are protected and that you are committed to maintaining high standards of data protection.

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