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Trade show booths are an important part of your business display in exhibitions. This is the reason why selecting renting or buying is an important decision for you. Both the segments have its advantages and drawbacks. Here is a list of pros and cons of both the methods for a better judgment.

Renting Pros

Easy to change designs

The trade show booths serve different purposes. For some it is business expansion for others it is a platform for new product development for yet another it could be a means of getting into market and attracting potential clients. Whatever your need is, renting makes sure you are getting a targeted booth for your purpose. Since these are on rent, you can always change the design.

Less investment

Buying a booth might help you in several exhibitions but it can also make a hole in your pocket. Renting is less of an investment and given the variety of designs you can get, the money is often less. You can also change services or get into contract with a design company which is more beneficial than buying in long run.

Multiple presences

Remember you cannot buy a lot of booths if exhibitions are happening in different places simultaneously. However, you can always rent a few of them, especially designed as per your requirement and get a booth in all the required exhibition centers.

No liabilities

Owing or buying a new stall means you will be responsible for its maintenance and upkeep from now on. This is not the case with rented designs. You rent it for the duration of your exhibition which is less than a month normally. After which you are not concerned with maintenance of booth. Since no such maintenance would be required during the month’s tenure, you are free from hassle of fixes, storage and maintenance.

Renting cons

Limited customization

Since you are not buying the booth, the amount of customization you can ask for is really less. You can always choose from different design but 100% customization would be too much to ask.

Buying Pros

Perfect investment if you don’t want new design

If you are someone whose product or company’s theme is not going to change anytime soon, buying is a better option. If you use the bought product 5 times a year you would have saved more money than renting for the same time period.

Complete customization available

Rented trade show display has a lot of designs and customization available but getting a complete customization is next to impossible. You have the freedom of making a customize design if you buy the booth which are otherwise restricted on rentals.

Buying cons

Ownership charges

Since you would need space to store the booth after use, you will incur extra charges. Apart from storage space, timely maintenance and insurance burden will also be on your shoulder.


Both renting and buying have advantages which vary with business. Know what your business needs are and then go ahead with the choice of either of them.

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