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So, you have come to a point in your life where you believe making money through online trading is not only possible but also one of the easiest ways to do it. Just a few years back, you could not even have thought about making money from home. Today, it is not just a reality but a trend that is fast spreading across the world. CFD trading provides you with an easy way to make money while also becoming an investor that can achieve all the financial goals. Now, your next step into trading should only be to find the right online broker that provides you with a professional trading platform.

I think you will be better off signing up with Genesis11 than any other platform on the internet because of the CFD trading features that I think no other company provides like this one. Let’s delve into this review and see how this platform takes CFD trading to the next level.

A Platform That’s on Another Level

First of all, you have to notice the trading platform that you will be on when you trade with Genesis11. You will be trading on Genesis11 trading platform that runs on the web. You don’t have to download this software on any of your devices. Despite that, you can use it on just about any device that you have ever owned. The best part is that you can use it without worrying about the compatibility issues that downloadable trading platform often run into. With this one, you can use it for trading on your iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices without any compatibility problems.

What you will love even more is that you can take this platform anywhere you want with you. You have it on your mobile phones and tablets, so you can carry your trading partner with you.

Financial Markets and Asset Index                              

Just because an online trading platform provides you with access to many financial markets does not mean you will be able to trade a lot of assets. In some cases, I have noticed that online trading platforms give their traders access to many markets but you have only a couple of assets from each market. At the end of the day, you only have a dozen of assets that you are trading in a loop. I can assure you that you will not have to face this situation when you sign up with this broker. It provides you with access to financial markets, such as forex currency pairs, stocks from companies, indices from around the world, commodities, energies, metals, and cryptocurrencies.

While this choice might be overwhelming for you when you are just new to trading, you are surely going to love it for the diversification of your investment portfolio later on.

Spreads and Leverages

Can you even make any different in your trading career if you don’t have proper leverages and spreads available. If the company you have signed up with has loose spreads and very small leverages, you will not be able to make a lot of money in less time. Yes, you can still make profits on your trades, but the problem is, these profits will be too small to take you anywhere. On the other hand, leverages of 1:400, which you get with Genesis11, help you earn big profits that completely change the way you trade.

Furthermore, you will also like the fact that this company keeps your spreads very tight. They might not be the best in the industry, but they are definitely among the best if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think you have to look into a hundred different features just to pick the right trading platform. If you are looking into the right features that really matter for traders, you can just figure things out with 3 or 4 features that you get from the broker. With Genesis11, I think you get some of the best trading features and great opportunities to make money.

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