Tue. May 18th, 2021

Marketing tactics

The biggest force that can help to drive sales in your store is perhaps visual merchandising. The way you display merchandise in the store helps to draw more clients and bring out the strongest points that provoke clients to add items to the shopping basket.

Some of the greatest tactics you should apply include;

(a) Creating a focal point for all displays.

(b) Do not overstuff the store.

(c) Use signage appropriately to direct clients to specific sections.

(d) Use lighting to bring out the strength of every item.

(e) Make sure to use bumps appropriately to slow clients in the store.

While these strategies work fine to help increase sales, you can get more by enriching them with the following tactics.

Rope all clients to make them your community

When a visitor comes and converts, as evoked by http://swisstribe.com/, do not simply let them go. You need to rope such clients to create a community that can continue funneling more clients. Here, you need to keep the clients motivated about bringing new clients. You can do this by setting special offers when they refer new clients.

Regularly release members’ only offers

While you are targeting new clients with display tactics, you can solidify (sustain) high sales by ensuring the present clients do not run away. One way of doing this is releasing members’ only offers so that they can keep coming back.

Extend marketing of the store to other platforms

Your retail store is a brand. If you only use visual merchandising, the chances are that clients located away from the store will be left out. Therefore, you need to rethink the marketing methods to funnel more traffic to the store. You should particularly focus on social media where most people frequent. It is also important to consider content marketing to strengthen the brand.

The success of your visual merchandising is dependent on looking at the retail store holistically. The objective is ensuring that as many people as possible can know about the store, get persuaded to visit and make a purchase. Besides, you also want to retain such clients to sustain high sales.

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