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You would have noticed that while some site URLs start with http://, others start with https://. There is an extra ‘s’. This is an indication that the connection to the website is safe and backed by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. Online users have started understanding the benefits of websites with https and correlate it with the security of the information they enter on the site. While you look at various security aspects while choosing a web hosting plan, installing an SSL Certificate is important to ensure secure communication between the user’s device and your server. There are many types of SSL Certificates available issued by various certifying authorities or CAs. Of these, Comodo is one of the largest commercial CA and has issued millions of SSL certificates to websites around the globe. Therefore, a Comodo SSL Certificate is preferred by most sites.

Today, we are going to talk about SSL security and help you understand SSL encryption so that you can make the right decision when you purchase an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate is a small data file that ensures that the information exchanges between two terminals is encrypted and prevent hackers from gaining access to it. Most websites ask users to enter their personal details like email address, credit card details, etc. to avail of their services. If this information is hacked, then your business can suffer losses and damages to reputation. Here is how an SSL certificate works:

  • A visitor lands on an https website
  • There is an identity confirmation request sent by the visitor’s web browser to the website’s server
  • The web server responds with a copy of the SSL Certificate
  • The visitor’s browser verifies the certificate and confirms back to the server to commence a secure channel of communication

Importance of an SSL Certificate

There are many advantages to using an SSL Certificate. Ensure that you understand them looking at options to buy SSL Certificate:

  • Since there is an encrypted channel between the server and the user’s browser, your customers will feel safer browsing through your site
  • An SSL Certificate helps create a brand image of being reliable and trustworthy
  • It reduces the number of data theft incidents

SSL Certificates – Types

Even if you are looking to buy a Comodo certificate, you need to understand the different types of certificates offered by the CA. Primarily, there are three types of SSL Certificates:

  1. DV Certificates – DV or Domain Validated Certificates are the most basic types of SSLs. These certificates check the details of the domain alone. Comodo offers a Positive SSL Certificate for domain validation.
  2. OV Certificates – OV or Organization Validated Certificates verify the domain as well as the organization. These are a level above the DV Certificates.
  3. EV Certificates – EV or Extended Validation Certificates offer the most comprehensive validation of the three and are preferred by most site owners.

Summing Up

As a site owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the website is secure. Hence, it is important to ensure that apart from taking measures to keep viruses and malware at bay, you encrypt the connection between the user and your server. Most websites need an SSL Certificate. Understand your business requirements and choose the type of SSL certificate carefully.

Check out the following video for tips to choose the perfect SSL Certificate for your website:

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