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Who says farmers in the village cannot sell agricultural products out of the region through dailyinvestnews? Who said also that online transactions apply only to fashion products and derivative products only? Now, you can even offer a new maize that you will harvest a month away through the store in this virtual world. Want to know how?

In agribusiness marketing activities serve as a pioneer for the product to get to the market. When this activity gets hampered, the product will falter into the market. In fact, the products of agriculture agribusiness have properties that are easily damaged or not durable. In relation to marketing activities, what agriculture agribusiness entrepreneurs need to do is understand the marketing studies, estimate the amount of production, prepare the product, determine the selling price, determine the distribution, and determine the promotion policy.

Marketing Studies

This marketing study covers a wide range of aspects, including market studies, studies of products produced, distribution, consumers, and promotions (if necessary). Marketing studies are intended to look for data on the demand for agricultural agribusiness commodities in the past, present, and future.

Estimating Total Production

Estimated number of production serves to find out how far the implementation of marketing has been in accordance with the planned. In general, the demand for agricultural agribusiness products always has ups and downs. If not overcome by the effort to estimate the amount of sales there will be excess products that cannot be thrown into the market. Or, if able to enter the market then the price will fall well below the desired price.

Preparing the Product

Entrepreneurs must really know what kind of product quality products desired by consumers. To produce a product that can meet the consumer’s desire, among others, can be reached by:

  • set agricultural product agribusiness quality standards, not relying on one type of agricultural agribusiness products or commodities,
  • try to use special packaging to attract consumers, create innovations to try to make processed products so that agricultural agribusiness products can have added value

Determining the Selling Price Policy

Selling price will greatly determine the position of entrepreneurs in the competition. Selling price set should really be able to give satisfaction to the consumer in addition must be able to meet the achievement of corporate goals. Indeed, the selling price of agriculture agribusiness is very uncertain. This is of course a result of the absence of estimation of production by agricultural agribusiness practitioners because the carrying capacity of the data source to do so is not representative. However, as an advanced agribusiness, of course all efforts will be made to make a market analysis of consumer needs for the type of agribusiness products. In addition, estimates of the national production of agricultural agribusiness commodities are also needed. By estimating the production and analysis of consumer needs, then at least agribusiness farmers have been trying to anticipate the risk of falling prices at harvest. Although the accuracy of market analysis is still very low. With a much experience, the accuracy will improve.

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