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Whether you are the proud owner of the chain stores around the country or operating an e-commerce site, a good inventory management system is paramount to the success of your business. An excellent inventory management system keeps off your business from:

  • Encountering a failing spreadsheet system.
  • Having a lengthy and difficult procedures of pinpointing and sorting out the best and worst sellers
  • Consistently experiencing too little or too much inventory
  • Having clients placing orders that are already out of stock

Shopify inventory management is designed to take away all the above management problems. Besides, it makes your life simple and easier through the implementation of a seamless system that leaves your customers happier and fully satisfied.

Setting Up Your Products in an Organized Manner

The initial step towards an excellent inventory management system is establishing a well-organized set-up of your products in the order of your choice. This process requires an individual to go an extra mile to branding products and assigning a barcode. For instance, classifying your products in a way that defines and improves the image of your business entity.

Managing Product Variations

Managing some variants of a particular product, especially supplementary products, can pose a challenge if you are not already using a proper inventory management system. However, with Shopify, you have an excellent platform to offer an unlimited number of variations for a single product to include different sizes, colors, weight, fashion, gender, materials, origin, and much more. And every variant can have its own service or product identification code, price, and inventory number.

Therefore, with Shopify, a customer can order a unique product from a range of variations with much ease and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Assigning Barcodes

Shopify is designed in a very accommodating and flexible manner that can help you assign existing barcodes to a specific product or generate brand new barcodes to the latest arrivals that need to be stocked. Shopify will assist you to keep track of each product you sell. Additionally, a Shopify wireless barcode scanner can ring in a client’s order on the spot in the store.

Real-Time Tracking of Stock Counts

To any e-commerce store, a failure to track stock counts keenly can be damaging to an excelling online business. It is very easy to lose customers who place an order for a product they are enthusiastically expecting its delivery just to find it out of stock. More damaging can be done when the same was not reflected on the website as a result of not having a proper tracking system set in place.

With Shopify’s distinctive inventory management system, you can easily track stock counts, put an automated reminder that prompts you to place more orders or manufacture more orders when the inventory count hits a pre-set number. The system also auto updates the current stock on reception of new shipment. The system is engineered to help you never be in an awkward situation when you have either too little or too much of stock on the shelves.

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