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Trucking is one of the most reliable jobs around these days. Almost everything we buy somehow has a truck involved. The industry is constantly looking for drug-free responsible truck drivers of all kinds. Some people think that trucking is only something done long distance. This is a misconception, there are plenty of local trucking jobs that provide a great salary and the driver can be home for dinner. Alternatively, the truck driver can meet the family at a local restaurant, thanks to the good money made with local truck driving. Here is a look at local truck driving jobs.

Plenty of business in towns and cities across the US need their goods transported to many different places. Sometimes delivery is just within city limits and other times deliveries can be a little bit further. Deliveries such as construction materials, raw materials, food, packages, freight, and many other items need to be moved every day. Many local businesses have their own trucks. These types of trucking jobs are great for home everyday trucking jobs. Businesses just need responsible drug-free drivers to drive the trucks. Driving local trucks allows you to work on your own possibly checking in with dispatchers or a boss. It is important to make deliveries in a timely manner. Sometimes the driver will have to do lifting and sometimes someone else will unload. The types of pick-ups and deliveries will depend on the company that is hiring the driver.

Do I Need A CDL License?

The first thing a person needs to get a local trucking job is a clean driver’s license. Whether a driver needs a CDL license or a commercial license depends on the truck driving job wanted or is needed. The best thing for a person to do is to look at the different driving jobs available and see what is needed. There are plenty of non-CDL driving jobs. There are also plenty of jobs that do require a CDL license.

How Much Will I Get Paid Driving A Truck, Locally?

How much a local truck driver gets paid is a variable. Most truck drivers get paid very well. Long distance truck driver’s, of course, get paid the most, but there are drawbacks. Most local truck drivers can at least make over $37,000 a year. That is a decent living wage to start. The salary can go on up to $50,000 to $75,000 as well. It will all depend on the company and how much they make. The companies will post how much they pay. Salaries are sometimes negotiable depending on how good a driver is. Hours will vary from job to job. Some jobs will pay overtime and some jobs may not. Large companies can offer benefits and other incentives. By looking at the internet, a driver seeking a job can find all the possible driving jobs in their local area. Some places post on the back of their trucks.

Local truck driving is an excellent job for a man or a woman. More and more women are getting truck driving jobs. The industry is always looking for responsible drivers who do not do drugs. There is no tolerance for drugs in the industry. Driving a truck is not as easy as some people think, but it is fun and rewarding. The open road is peaceful for many people. There is training available for people interested in the job but are unsure of what to do. It is worth contacting the place a driver is interested in working and find out what qualifications they need.

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