Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Did u know the sex ratio observed globally is 101 males to 100 women, still why women are ill-treated and considered second to males?

Women’s rights are her birthright. These rights are crucial for her living and involves every aspect of her life –be it health, education, career, political participation, financial status and freedom from any injustice towards them. They are entitled to use and enjoy their human rights in full capacity without any kind of discrimination from the society. These rights play a fundamental role in their living and shaping their personalities. But there is a wide lag in exercising these human rights and women have to face a lot of gender discrimination in a man’s world. The society is progressing but attitudes towards women are still narrow and orthodox. In many countries, laws are different for both genders, which makes women feel weaker and vulnerable.

 A few major examples of gender inequality are:

Inequality in Incomes at Workplace

There is a wide discrepancy in the incomes earned by both the genders. Women are paid lesser than their male colleagues residing in the same post. Her hard work is not appreciated and demeaned in monetary value. She works with no security and limited rights. No doubt, the working women are increasing, but the motto behind is not to climb the growth ladder but to make a decent living.

A leading example of gender biasness is one of the prominent businesswomen Marsha Lazareva, who has been convicted for manipulating public funds claims that she has been victimized and denied even her human rights. When interviewed she stated that she has been wronged by not getting the complete access to the accusatory documents and even denied calling her witnesses. All her civil and human rights were totally compromised during the unending court hearings. She even had to face the personal racist comments made by the judge during her trial and was harassed on grounds of being a woman. She claimed that she was kept in miserable conditions and had to face a lot of torture, abuses and not spared even on humanitarian grounds.

Inequality in Work-Life Balance

Women are nurtured in a way that they assume that they are individually bound to balance the work as well as their personal space. In such a situation, they are hardly able to shell out any time for themselves. Continuous swapping between both the two fronts takes a toll on them. The core reason for seeing lesser women on the top positions is also due to the lesser time available with the women after catering to the innumerable tasks in hand. Women keep working even after their office hours. Once home they again need to fit into the role of homemaker and do all the mundane jobs of cooking, cleaning and looking after the children and elderly. The few talented women appearing in the Forbes list of rich businesswomen mostly are from established businesses houses like Walmart or Apple. Studies point that if menfolk share these responsibilities with the woman, it would fetch the woman a good 5 hours of free leisure time per week and the bonus being a better bond between the two.

A progressive nation will always patronize in safeguarding a women’s and a girl’s fundamental rights. Laws and policies should be exercised for their welfare with strict punishments and penalties in case of any injustice towards them. Women should be aware of their legal rights and claim them whenever denied. However, the same was not applicable to Marsha lazareva case. Social attitudes and a partial nature towards the males should be completely uprooted. Benefits like 6 months of paid leave should be allowed to new mothers to aid them to breastfeed their kids and also allow work from home options for them.

Such little steps to curb gender inequality will bring about a sea change for the women of our country.

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