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Before beginning business, the first thing most energetic entrepreneurs do is to print visiting cards! Business cards, also known as visiting cards, are the main means of introduction and interaction for pretty much all business executives.

So, it is absolutely a good thing that these executives print visiting cards. However, are they printing them the right way? This is what we have to check.

Tips for Visiting Card Printing Which You Must Absolutely Follow

Let us guide young entrepreneurs and executives with some tips for visiting card printing which they must absolutely follow.

  1. Make sure the card only has what matters

Only the details that matter should go on the card. Your visiting card is just a bearer of your contact details. It is not your curriculum vitae or your autobiography. So make it short and crisp adding only relevant details on your visiting card.

Contact information like your name, designation,  Company’s name and address, your contact number, email id etc. will suffice. Rarely, some people include their personal number or address on the card.

The visiting card is mainly for business purposes. So it is wise to exclude personal details from the card. If required, these details can be inked or pencilled in on the back of the card.

Some companies who do business exclusively online, even leave their physical addresses out. This is because all business is transacted online and their customers rarely visit their shop. So. in such cases, mentioning the email id will do along with the mobile number.

Even social media addresses can be excluded from the card as they occupy a lot of space. Just printing social media icons will do.

Cramping the card with too many details causes information overload. This distracts the reader from the main details. So make sure that your visiting card is brief and to the point.

  1. Make sure white prevails

There absolutely has to be a lot of the white space or element on your visiting card. With full colour and photo printing becoming more affordable, some people tend to splurge on colors on the front and back of the card. This renders the card gaudy at times and also makes it difficult to enter any details.

So, avoid using full colour on the card without white space. Minimize the visual elements on the card except for the logo which, of course, is absolutely essential.

Some people even want to print their photos on the card. Unless you are a celebrity like a film star, this is absolutely inessential.

A white-based visiting card always has a touch of dignity and status that cannot be matched by another card design.

  1. Make sure your card is relevant to your business

Your visiting card should speak of what business you do or which company you belong to. If you are working in an office and doing part-time freelance work, you cannot print your freelancing details on the company card. If you are doing a business and also dabble in movies or politics, your visiting card can speak only of your business. For your party work or your film profile, use a separate card.

Never use a card to portray your allegiance to two business identities unless both the professions are closely-related. In this case, you can use the front of your card to promote one business and the back of your card to promote the other. For example, if you are having a garden nursery and an organic store, you can print the nursery details on the front face of your card and the organic store details on the reverse.

  1. Make sure your printing is professional

Your visiting card will be judged based on its appearance. The rendering of fonts, colour tones, the resolution of the logo, the quality of card stock used – all matter.

Spare no effort to get your cards professionally designed and printed. give your DIY design ideas some rest if you are not professionally qualified. You can always upload your design ideas to a professional print specialist and allow them to translate this into reality for perfect results.

Bear these four visiting card tips and follow them consistently to get great visiting cards printed!

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