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If you are about to start a business just like me, then the most tedious challenge for you now would probably be to do anything so that your website ranks! This can only happen when you ensure that whenever people look for any product or service, they reach you, not your competitors.

But how?

Well, if you are thinking for some mindless SEO or some expensive pay-per-click advertisement, then STOP! This is because you can do plenty of things to boost traffic, leads and ranking of your website organically.

Let’s look at some of the points discussed by our experts who provides top quality assignment help Sydney.

Research About Your Keywords

Now, for any website, a keyword is the most valuable element. This is because whenever a person searches for a product or a service on the internet, and your website has that keyword, then there’s a probability that your website will show up on the search result.

So, I would suggest you to research a lot about the related keywords to your business as well as the most frequently searched keywords before you write the content on your website.

Just like the assignment help experts carry out an extensive research about the trending assignment topics before writing a perfect answer that would attract your professor to your assignment, you must do the same for your target audience also.

Optimise Website On-page

Tell me frankly, do you make an effort to go through a website that does not seem attractive? No, right? So, how can you expect your target audience to hover your website when it would not have page titles, meta tags, strategic search phrases, sitemaps for Google and Bing?

Make sure that your website looks presentable and pay extra attention to the quality of the content on the website. Other equally important on-page activities include website speed, mobile responsiveness, alt tags in images, and more.

Focus On Off-Page Activities

When you focus on on-page activities, you must be able to balance off-page too, simultaneously. This is because the off-page activities help in enhancing the visibility of your website on the internet. Also, when you are able to use efficient off-page SEO techniques, you would automatically find your website ranking high in the SERP.

Following are the techniques which you can use:

  1. Designing shareable content
  2. Outreach your influencers
  3. Post content as guest authors
  4. Boost the visibility of your website on social bookmarking sites
  5. Submit forums
  6. Blog directory submission
  7. Submit articles/ PR/ SEO blog
  8. Show active participation on question and answer websites
  9. Video/ image/ infographics submissions

Social Engagement

For a website to rank, the most vital factor is to generate traffic to the website. Clara Matthews, a reputed social media critic, currently working at My Assignment Services says,”there can be no potent tool than social media for interacting and engaging with your target audience as it is a platform which promotes conversions and profits”.

So, make sure to increase the social media engagement of your target, be it on any platform such as Linkedin, Instagram, facebook, twitter or any other, thereby, increasing your brand image globally.

When your brand image would be seen in various platforms, it would surely attract a lot of traffic. As a result, the conversion rate in the form of leads would also increase.

Competitor Analysis

In this dynamic world, I don’t feel there is anyone out there who is not trying to imitate others. So, there are chances that companies might be marketing the same products like you. In this situation, the need of the hour is to establish an edge over those competitors.

But first, ask yourselves are you actually ready to gain an edge over them?

Now, stop thinking and start to ANALYSE your COMPETITORS!

Before you analyse the complete history about your competitors, make sure that you check HubSpot. Through this, you would not only have an access over all the statistical details about your competitors, but you can also compare your performance with them, and accordingly, work upon the areas of improvement.

I don’t think there would be anything more beneficial than generating traffic on the website organically. This would not only instill a spirit of being self-sufficient, but also help you save tons of your valuable assets, which you would instead spend on various expensive techniques for boosting up the engagement and improve the rank of your website.

So, these were 5 useful tips that have been tried and tested by various social media influencers themselves. Hence, without any further ado, go ahead with these tips and see how your website gets a huge traffic boost!

About the author:

Jeremy Dines is a digital marketer and has been working in this field for over seven years. He has various certifications from Google and Bing, and presently, he is working as an assignment help at My Assignment Services. Here, he consults and guides students around the world who are pursuing digital marketing courses.

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