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If you are looking forward to work in Canada then you might need a work offer letter from a Canadian employer but a Canadian employer cannot hire you straight as per their wish. They need to tell the Employment and Social Development Canada that for the particular job a foreign employee is needed and no permanent Canadian resident is willing to do that job. In order to do this, a Canadian employer will need Labor Market Impact Assessment that is a document to provide to the visa embassy while filing the visa application by the candidate. Yes, you will need your offer letter and LMIA application number from your employer to apply for a work visa for Canada. Employment and Social Development Canada verifies that hiring a foreign worker should not impact negatively on Canadian Labor Market hence they verify the job opportunity and make sure if no permanent resident is available to work for that particular job. LMIA application can be rejected by Employment and Social Development Canada if they find jobless permanent residents suitable for the job and they are willing to do that work. It is done to keep Canadian labor market growth and this also helps in controlling unemployment in Canada.

Employment and Social Development Canada will check following points before approving an LMIA application:

  • They will check if the salary offered to foreign workers is consistent in the location where the hiring business is located.
  • Working conditions will also be checked if they are suitable for work according to the wages provided to the workers.
  • It will be checked if the labor shortage is there in those locations where the business is active for the particular job offered to the foreign workers.
  • Labor and Company disputes will be examined and if found then LMIA application can be rejected to ensure to keep the rights of labor.
  • It will be checked if the Canadian employer has done the efforts to find a suitable employee within Canada and then in case of not finding the one they have offered the job to the foreign worker.
  • The skills of foreign workers should be at the level of expertise to fulfill the demands of Canadian residents.
  • If hiring a foreign worker will create new job opportunities for Canadians.
  • It will also be checked if the worker will remain the worker for the employer for a specified period of time and he is willing to work on pre-determined wages.

After fulfilling the above-mentioned things an LMIA application can be approved and a worker will get a work visa for Canada. LMIA application is solely based on conserving the rights of the Canadian Labor market. If a worker in Canada is willing to work for a particular job at determined wages then it is not acceptable to hire a foreign worker in order to protect Canadian Labor rights.

Employment and Social Development Canada processes all application that are for high demand jobs within 10 days and the applications for short duration jobs might take up to 120 days to process. An employer will have to pay $100 CDN as a privilege fee and $1000 CDN as a processing fee for per LMIA Application review. English or French languages are required to be known by the worker but if the employer could prove the requirement of other language is must then any other language is permitted. The LMIA application should not be filed before 4 weeks of advertising for the job and the worker should submit proofs of having skills to deliver the services required in the specific job which he applying for. All in all, it is a really important part of getting a work visa for Canada to apply for the LMIA application.

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