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The word ruby has the meaning in the Latin form as the ‘Red’.  It has become the favorite gemstone for those who are in love as well as who are in extreme power. It is given as the gift during the anniversary as the sign of love. Ruby Gemstone is the second hardest natural stone found on the earth, first being the diamond.  It has been included in the holy bible and Hindu Sanskrit that, ruby is one of the most precious and valuable gemstone. The color of the ruby varies but the light colored ruby is suitable for women and the dark colored suits men.

Ruby quality:

Ruby found on different places has the different quality. When ruby is scratched against the stone, if it shows the sign of rubbing against the stone then the quality for the ruby is considered as the fine ruby. But if the ruby doesn’t have any decrement in the weight after rubbing against the stone then it is considered as the good ruby. For the superb quality of ruby, the ruby must be able to ignite in the darkness.

Ruby gemstone is never worn along with the three gemstones: blue sapphire, diamond and hessonite.

The astrological benefits of the ruby gemstone to be specific are:

  • For the personality having the power in their profession like, politically stable person, doctors, and managers can be highly benefited by the stone in their career development.
  • For the people who fall in depression and anxiety can be cured by the gemstone. The stone has the unique vibration that helps in cheering the mood of the wearer and cures the depression.
  • As the energies of the ruby directly connects to the body and mind. It helps in calming the blood circulation and directly benefits the eyesight of the wearer. It also helps in curing the chronic pains and relieves the eye problems.
  • For exploring yourself and increasing the self-realization, this gemstone helps a lot. It boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem. For the people to improve the conversation skills, this stone aids a lot.
  • The ruby gemstone supports the personality to gain name, fame and prestige in the society. It helps in the people’s behavior to increase leading personality.
  • The ruby stone shields the wearer from the negative energies and evil thoughts. For the people having bad dreams and evil thoughts, this stone aids in keeping those thoughts away from the wearer.
  • For the fulfillment of the dreams and hopes, the ruby gemstone provides the positive energy. It creates the environment for the fulfillment of the dreams and hopes of the wearer.
  • To empower the satisfaction and increase the urge to do the work. And hence increases the energy in every work you do.
  • If worn properly and of pure gemstone, it increases the relationship status in the couples. It creates the environment that helps in achieving the good positive vibes free from the conflicts.

How to keep your stone clean?

  • To retain the shine of the ruby clean it with the help of soap and water. Do not clean the stone with hot water because it may affect the stone crystals.
  • Pick a cleaner from the departmental stores: A special chemically suitable product is available in the departmental store by the help of which cleanliness of the ruby is simple and effective.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning: A suitable ultrasonic cleaning is best to retain the shines of the beautiful ruby stone.
  • Do not store ruby gemstone along with other stones. Always keep the stone separately.
  • Keep your stone away from vigorous activities. And be extremely cautious about the scratches.

As ruby is the one of the rarest and expensive gemstone so, you must be prone to the crystal destruction. As it is holds the astrological powers and high benefits to the wearer, you must also be responsible for its care and protection.

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