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Affordable Web Hosting Company “Onlive Server” offers real Server Hosting Solution for Online Business. Here in this article, we will research the real Server hosting solution by Web Hosting Companies especially for all types of online business portal. Best Web Hosting Company know that choose the best hosting company for their business is one of the most important tasks. Their service seems very affordable too. Let’s know about them and why we can choose their cheap Server hosting services for our website or start-up business.

The most of the Web Hosting Companies work for their profit but Onlive Server believes in customer satisfaction. They believe that every customer has the right to enjoy world-class services or satisfactions, not by spending their entire budgets.

Features & Specifications –

The primary features of Best Website Hosting Company “Onlive Server” is to provide their customers an affordable and flexible Server hosting solution that match to IT Support company and all type of online business portal rather than most of Web Hosting Companies. The rest features are as follows:

  • The user will get managed services.
  • The user will enjoy flexible upgrading / easy scalability in Virtual Private Server services.
  • It is very easy for the user to set up instantly.
  • The users will get unlimited bandwidth speed with 1000 Mbps.
  • Protects the server from unauthorized login or access to data. No contracts are required for setup.
  • They guaranteed the uptime of 99.9%.

The Plans & Price Ranges

With the Best Website Hosting Company “Onlive Server”, the client will get the following four types of Hosting plans such as dedicated server hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Windows/Linux based Web hosting plans. This seems to be a very reasonable and affordable amount against the package they are giving.

Benefits & Advantages:

A Virtual Private Server service from Best Website Hosting Company is feature-rich, especially to whom, who are looking for an affordable Virtual Private Server solution. The quality of services the client will get from them will be beneficiary for the business as well as for the website. All most all the Web Hosting Companies try to provide their services are very secure but our company gives DDoS protection to protect all important data and keep it safe and secure at the same time, it is very much scalable. Below are the few more advantages.

Secure Online Backup by Best Website Hosting Company “Onlive Server”. They regularly take the data backup and keep it far from their own data center. Infrastructure Monitoring by Company is beyond excellence. For this, they provide the client with an expert technical support team that is always available and monitor the server all day and night. And last but not least is about their excellent customer support systems. They always believe in offering the best customer services to their customers. They provide 24/7 server monitoring along with an automated off-site backup facility. Not only this, they are always ready to answer their customer’s queries very quickly and efficiently.


The information given above is not only for an individual’s company even all the Web Hosting Companies, who are looking for high-quality affordable cheap Virtual Private Server Hosting services that can be easily fit into the budget. There are many more but Web Hosting Company “Onlive Server” services and facilities are quite up to mark. They also provide cheap and Best Server Hosting Plans in these Sectors – VPS Server Hosting for all type of online business portal, Server Hosting for SEO Company, Hosting Services for BOIP, Server Hosting for Software Company, Server Hosting for App Development, E-Commerce website, storage Data and Gaming Portals.

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