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Event planning is a very delicate activity for a company, whatever is its market. It is an occasion during which the brand exposes itself, tells more about its identity, its values and its mission. It is as if the company opened its doors to the public so it is very important that everything works perfectly.

This is the reason why it could be useful to engage an external event organizer that will manage all the phases, from the briefing to the coordination of the external suppliers.

Why do you need the help of an event organizer

The event organizer is the professional who will ensure you the success of the event.

He or she will pay attention to several details that you, as company, might not be able to take in charge due to lack of time or even of specific skills. He or she has a deep knowledge of the system and of the media relations dynamics that he or she built through years of experience.

However, the making of a successful event needs the contribution of different specialized professionals. Everyone has its own role and must respect the timetable defined by the planner. This checklist must therefore be respected by everyone in the event organizing team  in order to ensure that everything works perfectly. The planner manages and coordinates all the internal and external resources.

The event organizer checklist

First of all, the event organizer needs to know exactly what the event is about. So, describe the main idea with a few words, write and share it with your consultant. He or she will help you to develop the concept into something concrete and to focus your strategy around it.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to know what the main goals of the event are. Are you organizing a charity meeting or a fashion party? So, think about your goals to understand who will take part in the event. It will be useful in a second time, when the consultant will go to manage media relations.

Time and place must be decided as soon as possible. It could be not so easy to find the right place for your budget. Think about it and decide how to spend it. Not all activities are equally important. The planner could help you to understand how to invest your budget. For example, a great part of your budget might be spent for online and offline advertising and communication activities, especially if your brand is little known or if you work in a market niche.

Select the external partners and suppliers. As we said at the beginning of this guide, the event organizer has a deep knowledge of the market. From catering service, to logistics and entertainment, he or she will able to identify the right partners and suppliers for your needs, according to your budget too. For example, if you are going to organize a luxury party, probably you would like to offer to your guests an high level service based on gourmet food or gastronomic delicacies. On the contrary, if your fashion party main subject is sustainability probably it could be more appropriate to focus on zero-kilometer foods for the refreshment.

It could be useful to describe all these activities into a shared brief. It will be detailed document so that everyone involved into the organization will know exactly what to do, the deadlines and the resources assigned to each task.

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