Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Search engine optimisation is more complex than it’s ever been. We have Google to thank for this. The search engine giant has taken aggressive steps to eliminate content which it has deemed to be spam. Today, understanding these changes are more challenging and what’s more, is that it can affect your search engine rankings.

Your website needs to be more content driven than ever to increase your chances of getting a great SEO rating. Google will always reward websites which produce and maintain amazingly crafted content. There are certain things you can do which will help you produce the best content for your site and they’re listed below. Remember if all else fails contact for help.

Loads of content

It is entirely possible to generate a great traffic flow on your website by simply creating loads and loads of content. This will work even if the content you are creating is of an average standard. This can be achieved through the use of what is known in the industry as Long Tail keywords. These make use of the keywords which are used less often but are searched for online. While these keywords can generate only one click per word, by using hundreds of these keywords it will add up.

Know how to search for keywords

This is a vital step in your SEO process and should not be missed. There really is no point in creating content for your site without first researching your keywords. Even spending a few minutes searching for keywords can have a massive impact on the traffic to your site. Here’s a simple process you can follow before creating any content for your site:

  • Find the Free Google Keyword Search Tool and enter a few keywords that relate to your post.
  • Add in a few filters to base the results on exact searches.
  • Choose the exact match option to find out how many people are searching for a particular word.
  • Press the search button and browse through the results.

Make it a hot post

If you are not an expert link builder then you want to rely on people to create those links for you and the best way to do that is with an amazingly great post. You exceptional content will then in essence share itself. This is the type of content that people will want to share. Content that they need others to know about.

Add in some basic SEO

This starts with the development of your site and any decent web developer worth his price will already know how this works. This usually involves making sure the tags are right and are in the right place, making sure the code is clean and having a great permalink structure. The next step is to make sure that your articles are optimised. This includes having the right keywords, making use of hashtags, using a post title and placing internal links.

Get Social

This is the final step and the easiest one. You need to get onto social media and you need to share your content. Shared content ranks much higher on search engines.

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