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Having 2 years of experience with trading in Exness forex broker- a top 10 broker and also one of the best ECN brokers, I have got many questions from my friends and also many new traders like “Is Exness a scam broker?”, “It is good?”, “Is it reliable?” and a lot more questions. That is the reason why I will go through Exness very briefly so you will have a better understanding of Exness.

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Of course, any broker is strong and weak in certain aspects. You can only evaluate a broker by seeing if its characteristics and conditions suit your trading tactics nor not. I would say Exness forex broker is really trustworthy. Many experienced traders like me love trading at Exness more than new traders I have met because I and many other traders can get really good trading conditions that I have never seen in other brokers. Here are some examples:

The payment system of Exness that offers instant withdrawing money

This feature is one of the main features that makes Exness forex broker, one of the best ECN brokers, stand out among top 10 forex brokers. This feature allows traders to withdraw and transfer money at a very fast speed, less than one second to complete. And Exness can do that because it leaves all the jobs to the machines which can be faster than human. The withdrawal speed of Exness is the fastest in the world. And that’s why many traders favour Exness a lot.

Exness’s four account types

You can choose among four account types of Exness which are Classic, ECN, Cent, and Mini. The account you should choose will depend on the trading strategies you want to use. You only have to deposit a minimum of 1$ with Mini and Cent accounts, so you can deposit and try out your trading strategies there. And Exness is among the top ECN brokers.

Impressive customer care of Exness

They are trying really hard to deliver an excellent customer care. Along with English support like many brokers, they also provide customer services in many languages like Bahasa Malaysia, Persian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai also. Therefore, don’t be worried if you can’t speak English, Exness can be a great choice if you are starting your careers in forex trading. And on top of that, Exness has a solid credibility as they are audited by Deloitte, an international auditing firms who always on the top 4 biggest auditing firms in the world.

Exness’ spread

Exness offers its trader a really really low spread, maybe even lower than anyone else. There is one thing for sure is that if you trade some currency pairs with the fixed spread, you will surely have the lowest spread that nowhere else has. That mostly applies to the top 6 popular currency pairs. But for others, it can be just slightly higher.

Exness’ leverage

You can get one of the highest leverage when trading with Exness, one of the biggest brokers. It can sometimes even get up to unlimited. Many new traders told me that higher leverage can mean that it is riskier. But, I along with many experienced traders think that is wrong as higher leverage is safer. For example, the one with higher leverage will be safer than the one with lower leverage, considering both have the same order size and same deposited money. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for margins if you have unlimited leverage. Therefore, don’t be worried about keeping too many orders open.

BRKV – To conclude, you can get the best trading conditions when trading with Exness – the top 10 brokers.

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