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Products come in packaging, but this doesn’t mean that the packaging of the product entirely suits its value, use, and purpose. Sometimes, the packaging isn’t exactly right for the product, and one major consequence of this is the product not being bought. If you are in the process of designing product packaging and would like to make it suitable, functional, and attractive, you have to think about aspects such as content and style as well. So how do you design product packaging with content and style in mind? Here’s what you need to know.

The product content

The actual content on your product’s packaging will largely depend on the industry you are in. Do some research for specific content which needs to be included in product packaging for your industry, but there are some general content guidelines as well. When it comes to content, you will often need the following:

  • A description

Your product may require a description, but it can also include just the name of the particular product.

  • Images

Another piece of content which is more than likely necessary for your product is imagery. You may want to include images in the design of your packaging; sort this out before you continue with your process for bespoke packaging design. There is a trend, however, which focuses on simpler packaging, where instead of images, you can use unique typefaces (handwritten typefaces are currently in vogue) or beautiful, repetitive patterns which set your packaging apart.

  • Markings

The markings will depend on the industry you are in. Based on your industry, you may be obligated to include nutrition information, a barcode, marks of special associations or organisations, and so on.

  • Temporary product packaging content

There are also products which may require temporary packaging content, such as cosmetics or food. This temporary content includes batch numbers or expiration dates. You may not have to put the temporary content directly onto your product’s packaging; you may be able to make use of stamps or stickers instead.

The basics of product packaging style

The packaging style is what will distinguish your product from the rest – it’s a representation of your actual brand. To make sure the style is right, do some research first. Check the packaging of various products and collect the ones you like. Your inspiration when it comes to style should not only come from your personal preference, however – you should think of your customer’s preference. For instance, you may love rustic and country-style designs, but if you are selling men’s hair products, this style won’t do. When thinking about style, don’t forget to think about materials. You may have a variety of options when it comes to materials, but you need to choose the material according to your product’s purpose, customer base, functionality, attractiveness, and overall style.

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