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What Is Outplacement?

Outplacement services are provided for the employees of an organization who have, for whatever reason, been laid off or leaving the organization voluntarily. The laying off can be because of outsourcing in an organization or because of some other reason.

When the employees are laid off, they would not have any work for a period of time. In order to help them in getting another job, HR department outsources the outplacement training that would help these employees get a job as fast as possible.

This outplacement coaching is done by experienced consultants or consultancy firms which helps the employees better place themselves in the job market. This is usually done through training and study material, advice and workshops. These firms can also provide the psychological help that the employees need.

Outplacement is paid by the employers/company as it is kind of an outsourced department related to HR. The outplacement services for retail are provided to the companies who are looking to find a provider who can give quality service with reasonable price.

What Happens in Outplacement Coaching?

In the outplacement training, the consultant firms provide guidance to those who are seeking a new job or have retirement plans and help them sort their problems out.

There is obviously a time constraint because a company can’t keep paying forever, so the outplacement training goes on for at most a year. The services are provided to all and every employee regardless of the post they used to have in an organization from corporate employees to workers of the company.

Through career guidance, evaluation and job search related to their skill set, the consultants help in figuring out what is to be done in the future. One on one sessions is one of the most common ways to provide help where they discuss how to target a job market, prepare for an interview, how to write a visually appealing and interesting resume and how to develop networks etc. Sessions are also conducted in the form of Skype calls, or group discussion.

How Are Outplacement Services for Retail Beneficial?

The benefits of the outplacement coaching do not only extend towards those who have left the organization (voluntarily or involuntarily) but for those also who are working in the company. This gives them confidence that if it were them that were being laid off, then they would be taken care of.

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