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When it comes to fire safety, how well are you doing? No matter how up to date you might feel about your safety knowledge, there’s never any harm in having a simple refresher. Being safe is all about being educated, and ignorance of certain safety tips could result in a fire starting up.

While most of these tips are very basic and straightforward, you really cannot go wrong by checking them out. Just a couple of minutes is all it takes and maybe you will have a light bulb and realize that you haven’t checked the batteries in your smoke alarm for nearly a year. If just one tip like that can make you better prepared and on top of your safety game, it’s worth it, so read on and find out more!

Tips on Fire Safety

– Never leave the home with the stove or iron on – double check that things are off before departing.

It can be tough, but you should absolutely work on double and triple-checking any appliances you might have left on. Every time you iron something, make sure the iron is off and in a stable place before you walk away. Give it a few minutes to cool down even. The same goes for hair straighteners or curlers, which can easily be left on (and won’t shut off unless they have that auto-shutoff feature).

– Have smoke alarms installed and test them every month.

The last thing you want when a fire is going on is to be asleep and have your alarms not go off. This is only going to ever happen if you really haven’t checked them in a while and the batteries have run down. This is why you have them, so test your alarm every month and be sure that it is working. Many people have paid for failing to follow this simple fire safety tip.

– Clean the lint out of your dryer regularly.

When that lint in your dryer builds up, it could be the perfect kindling to spark a fire. Particularly in older models, you really want to watch the lint trap and clean out the lint that builds up after every load that is put in. The dryer is great for doing laundry, but it can also be a fire hazard. So be sure to be home when doing the laundry and always be sure you clean the lint out.

– Make sure you have fire sprinkler systems installed.

Could you benefit from getting fire sprinkler systems in British Columbia? A sprinkler system is a great plan B for any building, whether it be business or residential. These sprinklers will turn on when they sense smoke and hopefully put out any flames that exist. Fire sprinkler systems in British Columbia could put out a fire before it gets out of control, so consider them if you’re interested.

– Have a fire plan for your family.

Make sure everyone knows to get out when there is a fire and focus on getting themselves out. Adults should establish a meeting place for fire or an emergency and make sure kids know what to do in the event of a fire.

– Light candles rarely and never leave one in a room burning alone.

Candles can easily catch drapes or curtains or a knocked-over card on fire, so be there in the room when they’re lit and make sure you blow them out when you leave the room.

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