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The US Immigration Fund USIF, America’s leading EB-5 Regional centre has been encouraging people from South Asia to apply for the EB-5 visas as early as possible. It is because of a change to the EB-5 program which would be happening later this year and that would tighten the other visa categories.

EB-5 has seen some congressional reviews and it is expected that the investment amounts are going to be increased. US Congress may increase the minimum investment amount for EB-5 from $500,000 to $1 million, according to some latest reports from US. And, from $1 million to $1.8million per applicant.

The officials have said that it is an ideal time for those people who want to acquire the permanent residence in US. It includes students, senior executives to take advantage of this opportunity due to the low amount of investment for EB-5 visa. The requirements will be met if the investor has a net worth of $1 million for the investment. The EB-5 program has expected to receive the new legislative changes by March 23, 2018. So it makes this to be the perfect time to invest at a lower amount.

The EB-5 program was created by the US congress in 1990 to enable foreign investors to acquire US visa for the entire family just by investing minimum of $500,000 in any US business and that would be benefiting the economy by creating a minimum of 10 jobs.

It has been considered that EB-5 visa is the superior one as compared to the other visas to stay in US and become a permanent residence. The visa has enabled families to get permanent Green Card in a very shorter time than the H1-B, EB 1A/B/C, EB-2, and EB-3 visas. The EB-5 visa also allows the students and their immediate family members to obtain conditional residency in just 16-18 months. This will also result in lower in state tuition rates and more acceptance rates for prominent universities all around the country. For example, the savings of tuitions and fees for US residents for 4-years amounts to $99,480 for University of Texas, and then $106,728 for UC Berkeley, which will offset the cost of investment.

US is now witnessing growing number of international students and people who want their kids to get education in US. It offers them great freedom and mobility too in their professional lives without having to depend on some employer to sponsor them. Around 3000 enquiries and since started and there have been more than 600 meeting and one-on-one interactions in the last months.

L1 or H1-b visa have been bringing senior executives to the US mostly and then later sponsor for a permanent Green Card. The waiting list of people through these programs have grown to a very high amount in the last ten years. Furthermore, employment sponsorship is not required by the EB-5 investors and the investors have the freedom to work anywhere that they want.

The program was very much used in the 2008-2009 global crisis where many real estate developers were looking for alternative sources of cheap capital.

USIF has played a very critical role in the EB-5 process. The pool in the EB-5 capital is from individuals who invest in the pool for highly qualified EB-5 projects in the real estate. It includes developers from New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California.

USIF is the one which holds the official rights for the investment in eB-5 capital on such  large scale; residential and commercial real estate projects. Around 18,000 Green cards will be arose from 6000 investors in the USIF’s 24 EB-5 projects which are basically number unmatched within the EB-5 industry.

The expected numbers are to be increased in 2018 to more than 200, assuming that the minimum investment is yet $500,000. If the investment amount is increased there would be  number of investors who would be priced out. The change in the eB-5 program is inevitable if the investment amount goes up.

USIF has done work to successfully deliver more than 6000 investors from the 24 EB-5 projects. It has made the selection of the strongest projects and robust governance which is exactly the reason to choose USIF to be work with and there is no other EB-5 regional centre. The investments have been structured to the best interest of the investors. The multi-billion dollar projects are developed by some of the largest and most reputable developers in the US, and they have access to numerous financial institutions to meet their capital requirements.

People who are considering the EB-5 visa need to acknowledge the value of time. If they wait for the investment it could potentially result in higher amounts to invest for the program. The time is now and they should take full advantage of this opportunity.

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