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The prolonged exposure to the smoke is one of the main reasons to cause various fire-related casualties, mainly in the high-rise homes or commercial malls. In the year 1981, there was a fire accident in a Toronto Hotel on the second floor of the 23-storey of the commercial building. However, the fire was only confined to the room but the smoke spread all over to other floors as well. as there was nothing to stop the smoke, it spread all over the stairwells, vertical service shafts, and the elevators. There were various fire protection features that are added to the buildings and safety codes are also applied, but the technicians started to use the firestop system.

Make a Firestop maintenance plan is good

When there is a risk of any type of emergency at the high-rise commercial buildings, it is always better to make and utilize a firestop maintenance plan. Having the plan is one of the best ways to maintain the integrity of the place and make the fire barriers too at the multi-stored buildings. When you check the fire barriers in a regular manner, you can find the problems frequently. This ensures that the fire-resistance rating on the fire barrier is maintained in the right way and allows a safe flow of the occupants and to avoid damage during when the fire leaked out.

If the fire barriers and the firestop systems are not maintained in the proper manner, then there will be the huge problem. The firestop maintenance is really a difficult task. Thus, you should ensure that the place is having the right methods of firestop to avoid the emergencies. You can also hire a technician who will come to your place and check the right technique helping you to prevent the fire leak.

The firestop regulations

The regulations that are also called the linear joint seals are known as the fire barriers in the recent years. Several methods are implemented like the test standards and the firestop systems. Apart from the systems, the firestop blankets are gaining in importance these days. Today, the firestop mattress and the seals used should comply with the rules and regulation.

The firestop mattresses are having the width range from the 100 to 420 mm. The firestop rope system is fireproof and rotproof. These structures are resistant to humidity and moisture. The fire barrier products that do not comply with the rules lead to major accidents at the multi-stored buildings.

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