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America is known to be the land of opportunities and there is certainly no denying in that because it is one of the most powerful countries in the world when it comes to politics, trade, and the economy. The US dollar is still serving as the most influential currency. But we get it! Even after listing a number of amazing things, moving to a new country would be exciting as well as daunting too. You would have to look a lot of factors before you pack your bags and fly with your family to a new country.  We would help you to look at different elements and what America has to offer for you and your family.

America is a multi-cultural country and it has people from all over the world. The nation is a mix of communities like Mexican, Spanish, Italian, African American, Puerto Rican, Indian, Pakistani and Chinese. The country not only attracts students from all over the world but it includes doctors, engineers, surgeons, dentists and lawyers. The people of America are humble and friendly in nature and they are open to welcome people coming from different lands in their country.

The country has commendable educational system, two of the most famous educational institutes; Yale and Harvard are both in America apart from that the overall quality of education is very high throughout the States. One can choose from many local schools or they could send their kids to international schools as well.

The health system has been getting its fair share of changes and it is headed to get better. Though it is highly recommended that the residents would have a full and comprehensive medical insurance because without a medical insurance you would not get treated and even if you do then it would incur some debt.

Job opportunities are just tremendous in the States and you would quite literally find a job at every nook of the corner. But of course, the type of jobs varies with every individual. Or if you are someone who has a business mind or an entrepreneur then there are far better opportunities waiting for you and you would get to earn much more than a regular job.

You would get to travel a lot since the country is so big and it is full of attractions and landscape that you wouldn’t even have to fly out from the country and you would be able to enjoy all the holidays with your family by exploring a new corner of America. The country is full of beautiful beaches, mountains, and much more. You wouldn’t even have to get a plane for most of the places but you can even go in your car, so be ready for lots of exciting road trips.

When it comes to the climate, America is a very big country and this is the reason why all the parts of America experience very different weather from each other. Starting from the tropical beaches, high mountains, rocky coast, deserts, to a cold and windy weather with lots of snow, anything is possible in the country. You can choose the weather based on the different cities and can settle down for the most liked weather.

The cost of living varies in different cities of America. In big cities like New York, California, Houston, Los Angeles the cost is fairly high as compared to other cities. But the country has almost everything for everyone and you can always cut cost low because the food and the property is cheap as compared to any other place. Food including fast food is available almost everywhere and the prices are extremely cheap. Although healthcare is one element which can be expensive and to tackle that one could always buy a health insurance and be relieved. Apart from that clothes, electrical appliances even electrical gadgets can be found cheap.

America doesn’t have any official language but English is the language which is most spoken and it is used by the government and other officials too. Although a large population also speaks Spanish.

Real Estate in America is comparatively of low prices as compared to those of the developed countries, however, the rates are high when it comes to cities like New York. Having said that, land is very cheap in
America because there is tons of it.

America has everything which would give you and your family a better lifestyle with great amenities and luxuries. It could be the place where all your dreams come true for you and your family.

Lalani& Associates brings to you the fast way of getting to the land of opportunities through the program United States EB-5 program in which there are two options for investment and both could eventually lead to a permanent citizenship.

Option 1:

Investment of $ 1 million should be made by the applicant in either a new commercial or a troubled enterprise, after which, the applicant would be given a green card upon arrival but it would be on the condition that the applicant would have to generate employment for ten individuals within the two years of the green card. Upon the successful completion of the condition, the USCIS would check on all the requirements and a permanent green card would be given to the applicant.

Option 2:

The second option allows the applicant to invest in the EB-5 project funded by regional centers approved by the USCIS having the primary purpose to boost the economic growth of the country. If this option is exercised by the investor then the amount will be reduced to $ 500,000 given that the business is situated in a targeted employment area (TEA), or a rural area.

However, it would be easier for an investor to get the immigration through the second option because upon exercising the syndicate/EB-5 fund, the investor would become the “limited partner” in the EB-5 compliant and would gain a legal title. And in this option the investor would not be responsible to allocate employment to ten individuals within two years and the investor also would not be required to participate in the day to day management process of the syndicate or fund.

After the investor has gained the green card, they would be required to reside in the US for at least 2.5 years out of the 5 years period and they would be eligible for the citizenship.

Key features of the EB-5 Program via the Syndicate/EB-5 Fund Approach:

  • The requirement of English language does not exist
  • There are no age restrictions
  • No barrier of minimum education requirement
  • No work or business experience is required
  • The applicant along with the family can live and work anywhere in the US
  • Children of the applicant can attend any local school or university for the same cost as any other citizen
  • The investor is eligible to become US citizen after five years


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