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Packaging is a crucial component to any product – including lotion. If you are seeking a packaging supplier for your cosmetic products that offers plastic lotion bottles in wholesale, it is important to consider various factors including your price point and whether you want your packaging to be recyclable prior to choosing your packaging.

Variety of Packaging Materials

When it comes to finding packaging solutions and deciding material is right for your own product, your options are extensive. If you envision your product being in a plastic you can choose between PET/PETE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS and PCR materials. Whether you need bottles or jars, tubes, pumps, sprayers, or even labels and sleeves, you can find the right material for you and your company. If you are seeking paper packaging such as boxes, tubes, labels or blister packs. There are also cosmetic packaging options including airless umps and bottles, acrylic bottles, jars and plastic bottles.

What Sets Pacific Bridge Packaging Apart

PBP offers packaging solutions, contract manufacturing and China Sourcing. They supply to over 100 partners and have been the preferred supplier in a variety of industries and categories – encompassing everything from home décor to cosmetics. Their customers are well known companies and brands in the US. This makes them a versatile and flexible company. They also have extensive experience in business with over ten years of supplying packaging and sourcing to customers. When seeking a new packaging supplier, it is crucial to find one that meets the requirements of ISO, EPA, FDA, DOT, GMP and additional certifications.

Plastic Bottles Lotion

When it comes to finding packaging for your business, it can be hard to decide on the best wholesale lotion bottles for you. You want to ensure the bottles you purchase are high quality, sturdy and durable. Your consumers care about the product you put inside as well as the packaging itself and it is vital to make sure the packaging in just as high quality as the lotion you put inside. It is also important to make sure the packaging is the right size and shape. Perhaps you are searching for a variety of shapes and sizes. Pacific Bridge Packaging Inc. has the size, color and shapes you desire.

When it comes to world class, sustainable and durable packaging look no further than Pacific Bridge Packaging. They offer a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. The packaging you choose should be just as high quality as the lotion you sell and can even entice a new consumer to purchase your product and come back for more.

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