Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Most people understand that malpractice suits exist but they are not aware that they can file a dental malpractice suit. Dental malpractice suits have their individual category and any dentist who offer improper treatment is liable to his mistakes like any other medical practitioner.

Dental malpractice has a pretty steady number of claims. The number of claims are smaller in comparison to the other medical fields. Some of dental treatment injuries that can warrant a legal claim include jaw injuries, tongue and lip nerves, death, and even anesthesia related injuries.

For example, dentists who fails to detect oral cancer or any other mouth disease must be held responsible. Dentists should confirm that the client does not have a medical condition that requires special treatment before giving him or her anesthesia. One of the most obvious cases is when patients die during the dental procedure. it may result from the administration of improper aesthesia or improperly treating gum infections. All you need is a reputable dental business attorney and you will be sure of getting the right compensation.

The other reasons that can lead to a legal suit is complications that arise from oral surgeries resulting to permanent nerve damage. The root canal can also result into permanent numbness. You may also come across an individual who sustains injuries from dental extraction. Some dentists make silly mistakes of accidentally extracting the right tooth.

Dentists, like any other medical practitioner should be held accountable for wrong diagnosis or improper treatment. The law holds dentists to a particular standard of care as they render services to patients. Some of the real-life examples are periodontal abscess cases resulting from improper treatment of a defective bridge. The settlement of this case was $24,000. Another woman was compensated $47,500 for negligence because a procedure that was done on her did not use the right bridges and crowns. In another case, a patient’s tongue was permanently numbed after a routine tooth extraction and was given $140000 as damages. In a different case, a young man sustained mouth injuries from a dental procedure and was given $54,000 as settlement. Another woman received $100,000 after sustaining a painful chin and numb lip from a routine dental treatment.

Statistics show that the number of dental malpractice cases increase each year even though the exact number of these cases is not clear. We have a long list of individuals who have suffered due to negligence or improper dental procedures. The challenge is that most of these cases go unreported because most people don’t know that they need to file such cases. Like other human beings, dentists can also make mistakes but its not acceptable to make an error that can result into an avoidable permanent injury.

Don’t hesitate to search for a dental attorney if you feel that you have sustained one or more injuries from a dental procedure. However, make sure that the lawyer you choose is familiar with dental malpractice legal suits. Such a professional will advice and help you accordingly. You don’t want to waste time and money on a case you are not sure of winning. However, don’t sit behind with injuries that you sustained from negligence or careless dental treatments.



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