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Designing involves creativity. But how innovative your design depends on how different it is from the rest. In today’s world, people look at an online or print ad for just 2-3 seconds. With such a high bounce rate, the only way ro differentiate from the rest is to create an eye-catching and exceptional design. And this is possible only by a professional graphic design company like Pehchaan Studio.

Pehchaan Studio has years of experience in creating awesome designs for almost every product category or company in the market. Their vast experience and  fine expertise have earned them an endless list of clients. They have an in-house team of skilled graphic designers and innovators who are committed to every project. It is to such an expert like Pehchaan Studio that you must entrust your designing to differentiate from the rest.

Ways to differentiate a design from the rest

With their proven track record, Pehchaan Studio tells us how best one can differentiate a design from the rest.

  1. Offer a solution, not just a design

Why people get impressed by seeing a design is most often because the design provides the answer to their questions or problems. If a person looks for a luxury car, the designer must showcase the product to be the car of his designs. If the design company can do that, then the design will click. Similarly, for a detergent company, if the design can be conceived of as the solution to all washing problems like dirt, body odour,  fabric softening, and stain removal, then the design becomes a solution.

The design that differentiates itself from the rest is often not just a design nut a design solution.

  1. Make the product, brand or company seem special

A great design that stands out from the rest is one that adds value to the product, brand or company it associates itself with. For example, the Amul ads make an ordinary butter seem extra special. That is what is called exceptional design.

This specialty in design is brought about by excellent images, punchy content and a truly creative concept. Pehchaan Studio creates designs that add value to every product and make it seem special. This is what differentiates their design from the rest.

  1. Let the design highlight the features of the brand

Every brand or company will promote itself through numerous designs on many channels. If you want your design to stand out, make sure it adds value to the product or brand. To achieve this, you must highlight certain features of the brand prominently. It is this perceived brand value created by your design that makes it stand out.

  1. Showcase your skills

To differentiate your design from the rest, you must have exceptional graphic design skills. apply all your designing skills and innovative techniques to create a fine design that stands out from the crowd. An exceptional design is one that reflects your mastery of design. Your professionalism, your precision and efficiency are all seen in your design. So, if you want your design to be different, make it  so with your skills.

  1. Spread the word about your design

A great design is something everyone talks about. And they will do it only when you spread the word. So post your design on all social media like FB, Instagram, Twitter to make it popular. the more people see it, the more they will talk about it.

An exceptional design is one that is distinct and different. Create such milestone designs with the help of experts like Pehchaan Studio to make your brand grow.

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