Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

It’s no secret that in the past few years the bubble tea market has exploded in the States. Vendors across the country have popped up to service the new need, and certain areas are so densely populated with bubble tea shops that it’s impossible to walk a block without running into one. So how do you create a bubble tea business that doesn’t sink under the weight of competition? Like any small business, you’ll have to find ways to make your product stand out enough to create a competitive need in the marketplace. Even if you think you know everything about bubble tea, from the intricacies of the bubble tea sealer machine to the variety of different flavors on offer, you can always stand to learn more. Here are a few ways to formulate a perfect bubble tea business plan for your new venture.

Distinguish Your Product

If you’re looking to open up a new bubble tea business, you’ll need to do a lot of work to make sure your product is not only superior in quality to other nearby businesses but that it stands out in the minds of customers everywhere. This distinction could be in a new flavor, a highly diverse and expansive menu, or even just great packaging. No matter what you decide, you have to find a way to make your product memorable if not superior to others. Find out what keeps people coming back to your competitors for more, and find out how you can compete.

Choose Your Location

Location is important, especially in cities. You don’t want to choose a densely-packed area that’s already full of options for bubble tea, especially if you haven’t figured out how to make your product unique yet. When shopping around for locations, ask yourself what the foot traffic outside is like, and what kind of customers you see walking around. Think about how you might speak to them specifically and use your product to address their needs. If you’re choosing a more out-of-the-way location, make sure you market your bubble tea shop as being well worth the journey.

Design Your Menu

A hugely important step in making your business stand out is creating a menu that’s full of interesting and unique choices for customers to choose from. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your menu has to be huge. Even if you pick five flavors to start with, you’ll be able to make an instant impression if you do those five flavors extremely well. Try to use one of the items on your menu as a selling point or signature item. Choose something that either looks or tastes exceptional and different from everything else on the market. You can use this later in marketing.

Work on Marketing

For a business to survive these days you can’t only serve a great product, you have to have great marketing skills to match. This means setting up social media accounts and posting regularly, getting great press, and making sure that people from all over town know that you’re open for business. Use packaging and imagery to draw customers to your product, either through social media or through your storefront design.

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