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A sachet packing machine is the best solution to tackle the main packaging problems in any industry where certain packaging characteristics are required. Various products today are sealed, protected and preserved, to be then marketed by large-scale distribution or by retail stores such as pharmacies, bars, groceries.

The sachet packing machines: the features for an optimal packaging choice

For those approaching the purchase, it is important to understand the real needs and then choose the most suitable packaging machine. Price is important, but it is not the only thing that matters. In this sector, the part relating to the investment takes a back seat because priority must be given first to other factors. Choosing a sachet macking machine just considering the price does not make any sense. There are factors that influence the choice more predominantly and that allow you to make an optimal choice. Only in this way will it be possible to make a conscious investment aimed at improving a company.

Type of product to be wrapped: it is necessary to know the status of the product. It can be liquid, gel, cream, solid, powder, granule. Each of these can generate different problems.

Sector to which it belongs: each product is intended for a specific marketing sector. Pharmaceutical, industrial, food, sports, plumbing, electrical are some examples, but there could also be interesting portions of the market that offer new business opportunities and which should therefore be considered.

• Method of conservation: the products require different ways of conservation depending on the type of use. Some must not remain in contact with the external environment, others must not take humidity, others still need to be stored in cold places (refrigerator or freezer), while others require storage in warm environments. Then there are products that must necessarily be protected with resistant packaging, even for a long time.

Type of packaging: the type of packaging certainly influences the choice of the sachet machine. Not only the materials, but also the type of packaging. The dimensions and shapes of the envelopes are important to build a packaging that can support the company’s marketing strategies. Based on this, it is good to know if you want to have a thermic heat sealed on three sides or four sides, the main condition to understand which system to use.

The sachet packing machine as part of a larger project

Depending on the specific application, it is possible to provide a unit for dosing and shaping the packages. Omag can certainly provide valuable help and support at 360 degrees, starting from the initial design not only of the machine, but also of the entire work area. Often the sachet packaging machines are part of much more complex projects, to which entire complete production lines belong, able to compose real work stations that start from a set of products and arrive at the obtainment of a finished product, wrapped and packed to perfection, ready to be placed in special boxes in the form of multiple packs or single-dose.

The sachet packaging machine manufactured by Omag stand out from the others for having a simple but also very functional design. Furthermore, the solutions designed to promote productivity are tested and allow the total compliance with safety regulations. FDA specifications are also respected, making the machinery suitable for working in contact with products that will be widely used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

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