Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Creativity is a subjective term. All the other things are simply based on the degree of creativity we have. This is evident from the fact that the personalities like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and even sir, Issac Newton were so creative as well as talented that they were able to change the world with their ideas. In this context, there are things that one should follow to becomes the most important person on the dais out there. All these things definitely depend on creativity. If the creativity is more, the degree of understanding and an urge to build something is also more and vice versa. Having said that, now we are faced with the most outstanding question of the times- How to become more creative? As it is a very subjective term and widely open to interpretation. To become more creative, there can be a lot of things that may be needed to be done. Some pointers, that I believe are or paramount importance are given below:

  1. Meditate: This is one thing that trains your mind for all the possible adversaries. If you are meditating the right ways, your mind and thoughts are so still and aligned that creativity is bound to occur. This is something that has been said a number of times and needs to iterate even here.
  2. Travel: This is another thing that can here as a guiding light in being all the more creative. When you travel, you see new places, meet different people and get to know about multiple cultures. All this helps you in diversifying your perspective towards the world. Once that is done, your mind is bound to think about things in a multi-dimensional way that tends to become creative eventually. So, we can say that the purpose is served.
  3. Practice: Well, practice is not a rocket science and so is not creativity. It is when you read and think about certain things over a period of time that you tend to develop and different thinking about them. That, my friends, is creativity. So, a perfect blend of all these can help us attain a high degree of creativity.

Once you do all the basic thing listed above, you will become more creative. Just keep yourself updated with the change of the needs of the times. This will help you in being relevant all the times. Creativity is the soup for the soul and all the beings must really think about it whenever they have time. For creativity, with its open feathers, has the potential to change the world.

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