Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

The progress of new technologies has been happening since the start of human history. In the creation of things such as the knives and spear made from sticks and rocks to assist in the shooting and killing of animals for food, to things such as the very first printing press and the pc. The question: would be the consequences negative or positive?

Technology is a phrase used to collectively describe or depict the progress, skills, creations, undertakings, perspectives, and comprehension of a singular group of men: we as human-kind. The growth in technology has been tremendously quickly from the 20th and 21st century. With digital machines and technology being produced and enhanced all of the time, it was entirely possible that combined with all the positive elements of the new advancements; individuals would also think of the negative aspects and seem to criticize new technologies.

A Positive Side

Additional facets of our unique lives can also be affected by engineering in many direct and indirect ways, such as governance, amusement, human relationships, as well as our perspectives on morality, mind, subject, and our very own human nature. Needless to add these improvements also invigorate economic growth since the successful use of technologies lessens the substance manufacturing price and the overhead costs which make savings in the market and so lead to national increase.

Problems and abilities frequently go hand in hand; Society is becoming increasingly more reliant on technology. So much so that we occasionally lack the willingness to believe before we act. We become impatient if it takes over a couple of seconds to download a copy of the morning paper. We expect instant answers to our email, and we hope a person to answer their mobile phone whenever and where we predict.

Tech is making us bust we can can’t find time to spend together with our shut ones. It’d be astonishing to know that folks are connected through chat and internet messaging however they’re the same town since they believe it’s simpler and powerful but they’re not forgetting that assembly cannot substitute online chatting.


If technological improvements are put from the best applications, it farther inspires the growth in associated and non-related locations but at precisely the same time its adverse use can cause havoc from the humanity or the planet. Technology has, and will, change the ethical fabric of humanity; it’s all up to the current generation to heed this warning and not let such social travesties of immense proportions to happen Technological Advancements will continue to progress rapidly as we proceed into the future millennium. What’s important is to make sure that these improvements benefit humanity as a whole.

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