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The hotel housekeeper is the professional figure in charge of some specific duties about cleanliness and hygiene. The main task of an housekeeper is to keep clean and comfortable all the private rooms of the hotel and the common spaces, too.

So, it is very important for hotel housekeepers to dress comfortable and durable uniforms due they usually manages detergents and waste.

However, we should not think of the housekeeper as a servant or a maid. He or she is a managerial figure and he or she has the task of managing an entire process related to customer satisfaction. The housekeeper, in fact, relieved the guests of any domestic task to give them a stay as pleasant as possible.

Basic elements of the housekeeper dresses

There are several models and types of housekeeper dresses. The differences between one and the other are related to the specific role and grade of the professional. It also depends on the style and the stars of the hotel.

Even in the Hospitality industry, there is a hierarchy that must be respected. So, the head housekeeping uniforms will be different from the staff ones. The differences between the uniforms also inform the guests about responsibilities and duties of each one in the hotel. SO, they could ask for help to the right person.

Usually, the housekeeper dresses are made of some basic elements such as tunics, aprons.

The tunic is a very practical and comfortable piece. It allows every movement and action, rather than the classic coat or dress. It is the ideal solution if the housekeeper is in charge of cleaning and washing operations, especially in small spaces, bathrooms and laundries. It is possible to choose between the model with the collar and the buttons or the one with the v-neckline collar. The last one is especially suitable for the holiday villages’ housekeeping staff.

The apron is the alternative to the tunic and it is a waist apron designed for women.

It can be equipped with laces, a bib and one applied pocket or a wide pocket. It is also possible to choose the model without pockets. For luxury hotels you can also choose some details such as the lace border.

How the hotel housekeeper dresses should show

The housekeeper dresses should always be clean and well ironed. This is the reason why housekeeper uniforms are made with special, modern fabrics that are resistant to high temperatures and to every kind of stress.

Also, it is not allowed to wear uniforms different from those provided by the hotel. Especially in the luxury hotels, it is mandatory to wear the official uniform. You can’t even customize the uniforms or wear accessories of any kind. Even the shoes must be those suitable for the uniform. So, no slippers or clogs are allowed, for example.

Also consider that hotels usually mark their uniforms with their logo. This could be considered as an apparently banal detail. On the contrary, it is very important because it gives to the guests the idea of greater professionalism.

At least, the head housekeeping dress should have the same design of the uniforms worn by the other professionals employed in the hotel.

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