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Whether you sell euro containers to supermarkets or cloud-based services to big companies, you should know what your client’s requirements are. One of the most common problems that stop any company from understanding it’s client is miscommunication. So, a good practice that all companies should follow is to bridge communication gaps before it escalates and leads to other troubles. If such issues are not addressed at the right time, they can get worse and put in a tricky spot with your clients.

One such area where miscommunication should be eliminated is client meetings. In this article, we will take a look at how you can understand your clients in a better way.

Listening actively

It doesn’t matter whether your client is a new one or one you have worked with previously, you must pay heed to them, listen to their demands, get an idea of what they are looking for and write it all down. If you want to have a proper understanding of your client’s requirements the first step is to be a good listener. Once you have an idea of their expectations from your company, you can convey the same to your team.

Improper communication is the most common problem faced by people. Therefore, it is vital that the true purpose behind a requirement or a feature must be understood before just putting it across your team. They won’t be able to deliver if they don’t understand the requirement that a client has.

What is the client looking for?

Ask the client what are their goals. Why do they intend to get that particular feature for their app or software? Why do they want their product to be designed in a particular manner? What do they expect to improve in their company by getting you on board?

To get a better understanding of a client’s project, you will have to ask a lot of questions which will take you to the core and help you understand the project better. If there’s any sort of miscommunication with the client, you may have to re-do certain part of the project or at times scrap the entire thing and start all over again. If the deadline is fast approaching, such a situation will not be favourable for your company and it will affect your reputation.

How many meetings are necessary?

To get a better understanding of your client’s requirements, schedule more than one meeting with the client. This will help you get a better idea of all of the client’s needs, instead of sorting them out in just one meeting. Breaking meetings into stages will help you compartmentalise these requirements and you will process it all in a better way. You can discuss the details of the previous meeting and decide on the agenda of the next meeting. Fulfilling requirements will be a difficult and tedious process for both sides, especially if it is a huge project which requires expertise in multiple areas. But, your organisation will be hugely benefit if you will not have to redo parts of the project. That’s because you had a proper understanding of your client’s requirements beforehand.

If you feel that you are facing difficulty with communication, don’t fret as this skill can be earned like any other and with enough practice, you can even improve it. Bear in mind that, you do not use a client’s live projects as guinea pigs. If you want to get a deeper understanding of projects, look at previously completed ones or other resources which can help you understand chunking out important information from meetings with clients.

It will be beneficial for a company to bring more people to each meeting. It doesn’t matter that they have to be important contributors to the project, but if you think that their presence can be valuable to both you and your client, then ensure that they’re present. Just make sure that there aren’t too many people in a meeting and there is still room to breathe. Also, make sure that every opinion is heard because even a small idea can make a huge difference.

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