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Refrigerator magnets are quirky and cute stuff that sits on the fridge beckoning you to look at them each time you open the fridge door. But fridge magnets can do much more than just stick things like photos to your fridge. Just take a look.

1. Display Your Kid’s Art in Style

Kids at home like it when their artworks and doodles are displayed in style. Showcase your kid’s painting or sketches by scanning and printing them as a fridge magnet. Your fridge magnet is now the proud canvas of a budding artist.

2. Recipes Ready to View

Are you a cooking aficionado? Then, here is a unique way to preserve your favorite recipes. Upload those recipes and print them as fridge magnets. tag them on your fridge for easy viewing. Your fridge magnet is now a recipe note ready to view.

3. Preserve Your Award Certificates

Certificates of merit lie about in every home and are often misplaced or damaged. Why lose out on these precious merits when they have been won with such hard work.  Turn these certificates into fridge magnets by uploading their mage in mini-size and preserve them forever. Boost your self-confidence every day by taking a look at them daily as you use the fridge. This idea will work well for your kids; certificates too.

4. The World in Your Magnet

Want to teach your child some geography? Turn your fridge magnet into a miniaturized world map and tack it on your fridge. Each time your kid opens the food for some goodies, quiz him/her on someplace to spot on the map and allow the fridge to be opened only on answering this question. This is an easy way to make your child familiar with the world, isn’t it?

Fridge magnets can also be shaped to showcase the landmark or iconic monuments of your state, city, or country. Such magnets are not only creative but clever ways of passing on useful information to children

5. Bottle Opener

Every home needs a bottle opener and usually, the one we have goes missing. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a bottle opener stuck to the fridge? You can use the bottle opener to open the bottles of milk, juices or soft drinks from the fridge and then replace it on the fridge itself. Now your bottle opener will never go missing.

6. Key Holder

Fridge magnets can be used to hold keys as well. This is a very useful purpose for fridge magnets as keys go frequently missing. Now, the fridge is usually in the dining room and is accessed by all. The keys held on by the fridge magnet will never go missing.

 7. Word Builder

Word building exercises are difficult for kids. Get them to earn spelling by using alphabetical fridge magnets. Children like to play and stick these magnets on the fridge and easily learn to spell too.

8. Pen Holder

Hunting for pens is most annoying at home. But not anymore, if you fashion your fridge magnet as a little pen holder. Place 2-3 pens/ pencils in the penholder magnets and tack it on the fridge for easy access.

9. Cutlery Holder

You have fetched the jam bottle from the fridge. Now, are you feeling lazy to fetch a spoon to scoop out the jam? Don’t worry. turn your fridge magnet into a cutlery holder to hold a spoon, knife, and fork handily on the fridge. No more spoon hunting!

10. Tissue or Toothpick Holder

Your fridge magnet as versatile uses. Fashion it into a tissue or toothpick holder and make it a useful accessory for dining.

All the above designs and ideas are easily implemented by experienced refrigerator magnet providers. All you have to do is upload your idea or image of a good resolution, and your resourceful and fantastic fridge magnet is ready!

Fridge magnets do more than stick stuff. They are vivid, versatile, and worth having on every fridge in every home.

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