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Your property, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, is no doubt one of your most valuable investments, hence the need to protect it against fire accidents. However, to do this, you need to fit your business with the right fire protection system that can help in sensing, suppressing or putting out such fires. Fortunately, you can find various renowned companies whose specialization is providing topnotch fire protection systems and related services.

Fire Protection Systems Offered in Calgary

If you would like to enhance the fire safety of your building in Calgary, you will find full-service fire protection companies that can help. They are known to offer topnotch sales, installations, tests and inspections as well as maintenance and servicing of a range of fire suppression systems. Whether you are looking out for suppliers of the most innovative wet sprinkler systems, deluge systems or antifreeze sprinklers in Calgary, these companies have you covered. They offer:

1. Wet Sprinkler Systems

These are very common systems that are preferred by most home and business owners due to their simple design and functionality. A typical wet sprinkler system is usually connected to a water source via a piping system with automatic sprinklers. Once a fire is detected, the rise in temperatures causes the sprinkler head to open and this in turn causes the water to gush out to put out or suppress the fire.

2. Dry Sprinkler Systems

These are systems that have pressurized air or nitrogen in their piping systems instead of water. Once a fire is detected and automatic sprinklers triggered, the sprinkler head will open, allowing air from the piping to ventilate through. The drop in the piping system’s air pressure will result in the opening of the dry pipe valve, causing water to flow right through the piping and ultimately out of the sprinkler heads. Unlike the wet sprinkler system, this type can be used in those places that are prone to freezing temperatures.

3. Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems

These are wet sprinkler systems that employ the use of automatic sprinklers which are usually attached to piping and a source of water. Here, an antifreeze solution is used in the piping system. After a fire is detected, rising temperatures cause the sprinkler head to open. The antifreeze solution is then released while water begins to disperse immediately. The antifreeze solution is normally used in the place of water, hence preventing freezing from happening. If you are looking for quality antifreeze sprinklers in Calgary, these companies will help.

  1. Deluge Sprinkler Systems

These systems resemble the pre-action system, although the water is usually held back by a special valve. The system is normally connected to a water source via the deluge valve, which is opened by a heat or smoke detection system. This valve keeps water from being dispensed through the piping until it is prompted. The system is particularly designed for the special hazard areas where the risk of fire spreading rapidly is higher.

These experts are also known to deal in a range of other fire suppression systems and products such as the pre-action systems, fire pumps and controllers as well as special hazard systems. Whether you want to retrofit your old business premises with a more advanced wet sprinkler system, are working on your new building project and are in need of consulting on fire protection, or you simply want the fire alarm system of your home inspected, the fire protection experts at these companies can help.

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