Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

When it comes to renewable energies, it seems that we’re constantly discovering and making new things. Among them are binary power plants, something you’ve probably heard of if you’re in the least interested in the field of thermodynamics. What follows is a brief introduction of the term, as well as the advantages of using such plants for generating power!

The defining characteristic of a binary power plant is that it uses energy generated by the Earth’s core. This is why it’s among the most exciting discoveries we’ve made in the field in the last couple of decades. The energy source that the plants use is hot steam, which is then converted into mechanical energy, which in turn gets transformed into electrical energy.

But why do plants have “binary power” in their names? It’s because the fluid they use to operate is something called the second working fluid. This type of fluid has a lower boiling point than, for instance, water. And what is the operating principle of such plants? It’s the so-called Organic Rankine Cycle, a thermodynamic process that uses organic fluids to generate energy.

What are the main advantages to using binary power plants? To answer that question, we’re going to compare them to flash plants and dry plants. The main difference is that the second two types of plants can’t be used for operating on lower temperature heat sources. Binary power plants, on the other hand, can be used regardless of the temperature of their sources. And that leads us to their main advantage.

Binary power plants keep our environment clean by not releasing geothermal fluids (which is done by other plants, and it hurts the planet). Apart from this, they’re also characterized by reduced greenhouse emissions, which makes them even safer to use from an environmental standpoint.

In conclusion, binary power plants make use of all heat sources, and they do it in a way that protects our surroundings. That’s why they’re both more efficient when it comes to costs and a better choice when it comes to keeping the planet Earth free from polluting factors.

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