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You can end up feeling overwhelmed when trying to choose the right Los Angeles banner printing that will fit your need. This is particularly the case as we live in a world that that has a wide range of banner options. No matter how much you need a cheap retractable banner for your marketing purposes, you will find it difficult to make the right choice. The good news is that we have helped you to make the right choice by explaining to you the major differences between the retractable and portable banner stands. Understanding the two options will help you decide the one that works best for you.

Portable banner stand

This is also commonly referred to as a non retractable banner as it doesn’t contain any roll up mechanism. This way, the banner doesn’t remain attached to a stand. The portable models require that the banner be removed and rolled up manually before it can be used. These are usually less expensive with fewer moving parts and therefore, they are reliable. However they also require more work. These also need to be handled carefully or else they will be damaged. Even though the retractable banners are more popular, there are still people who prefer portable banners due to their light weight.

Some of the banners under this option include X banner stands, telescopic banner stand and the L banner stands. For banner stands that remains at one place such as lobby displays and a store, this is definitely a good option. Portable banners can also be made into seamless banner walls. This can be done by combining several stands together. In most cases, the banner walls that are made from the retractable banners usually have more gaps between banners. This can ensure that you get the desired look and at an affordable price.

Retractable banner stands

In these types of banners, the banner tends to remain attached to the banner stand and is stored in the bases between different uses. This is usually easy and quick to set up and also take it down. In most cases after a show, people will pack up in a hurry. It is in such cases that the easy procedure of operating these banners is appreciated.  The convenience that comes with the cheap retractable banners means that these are some of the popular stand types. This is mostly because they cater for various needs due to their functionality as well as the ability to protect the actual banner.

Like it is the case with the portable options, retractable banners come in a wide range of price and quality. The market is already flooded with almost similar looking stands but ones that vary in their quality. It is important to ensure that you do your research before making the purchasing decision. At times, you just need a cheap banner stand but the money that you will save on the stand will not be worth the hassle that will come with the poor display. Consider these factors before making a choice.

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