Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Our world has changed. As time goes on the world is going digital. Gone are the days when we used bills to purchase things from the market. Nowadays a credit card’s sweep does the same thing. We pay utility bills through our online accounts. It is true that the internet age has facilitated us a lot. If you are living in Belgium and want to purchase an item from the United States, you don’t have to personally go there and get that. You just open the online market on your tablet, do a few clicks and the item is on its way to your house. So, we can say that everything is just a click away.

Dangers with the digital world

But our new world is not without dangers. There is always danger of a hacking attack on your digital money. Hackers are always after your money. Credit card information is at the risk of breach. Your money is at risk in wake of an ATM hack. So if our new world has given us lots of ease and facilities, it also is not without potential dangers. Therefore you should walk cautiously.

Check Stubs Creator

You need check stubs to show your income source to your lenders. It is the only thing that confirms that you are capable of repaying the loan you are taking from your lender. For example mortgage lenders demand check stubs of the past few months if not years to confirm your income source. That’s why you need to keep record of your check stubs. The firm Check Stub Maker provides its clients online service where they can create check stubs. By registering with this company you don’t need to worry about calculations of your federal as well as regional taxes. The most beneficial thing is that they make a complex process into a simple one. Anyone can easily create it online. Let’s look at the security measures they have adopted to protect their client’s information from breach.

  1. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

The web address of the company carries the words ‘https’ in the start. The extra ‘s’ stands for secure. It means that any data you enter through the website is completely encrypted.

  1. Mail box security

The entire service is electronic. If you want to send paystubs to your employees, they will receive them through their email inboxes. They don’t have to worry about opting for a security mail or a post office box to secure their information.

  1. Use of Stripe

The company uses Stripe for payments that’s why these payments are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.

  1. Data Security

Your information will not be saved in our online servers. It is erased from the servers after every twenty four hours. When you start using the stub maker and create a template, the template is saved online for repeat use but the information you enter is erased. That’s why it is more secure than others.

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