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No business likes to give away money for no good reason. But still there are business owners that end up wasting a lot of their money on trivial expenses.

Small business failures can be largely attributed to cash flow problems. Businesses that manufacture products that are not really required in the market have a greater chance of survival than those with a weaker cash flow.

Reducing expenses can be a difficult thing to do as one can hardly tell which expense is necessary and which can be easily curtailed.

Following are certain expenses that a business can eliminate with ease:


Costs associated with printing add up quite quickly. Paying for machine maintenance, paper and ink can be bad enough but employees also end up wasting a considerable amount of time dealing with printer issues.

In order to cut costs and streamline operations, businesses must eliminate as much paper as possible. Important documents such as contracts need to be signed and you can make use of online signature services instead of printing them. In this way you can avoid going to the print room and taking out unnecessary printouts.

Cutting down on printouts is also a great way to go green at office. You can remove all those printers that are not really required. Also you can unplug those that you have decided to keep and place them in the back room. The very thought of going to another corner of the office to take printouts will make the employees come up with other alternatives to printing.

Office Trips

With web conference software commonly available you can significantly cut down on all office related travels. Travelling is an expensive affair and it should be minimised as much as possible to keep the office expenses low. While it may be difficult to eliminate travel completely, it is advisable to reserve it for high priority meetings. You should travel only for those meetings that are likely to pay off well such as for signing up a major client or resolving major issues.

Big Service Providers

Having partnerships with big service providers can make a small business incur high expenses. It is possible to find more affordable local options for the specific needs that you may have and they may also be more flexible to customise their services.

You can avoid these expenses by making a list of all major companies that you have tied up with and then check local listings to see which company fits the bill better.

Hiring Freelancers Instead of Adding Staff

Does your present workload require you to keep full time writers and graphic designers on board? For smaller roles is it possible that you can offer part time positions instead of full time? For specialised tasks you can look for freelancers to whom you can outsource the work.

But that being said you also shouldn’t opt for the talent which is ready to work at the lowest fees. With a bit of research, you may be able to find good freelancers. The experienced ones may have a higher up-front cost but if you have to pay once it is always better to pay for high-quality work than for an inferior quality one.

New Equipment

It is understandable to buy new items over used ones if they offer significant advantages. But if that isn’t the case there really isn’t any reason to buy new things, even if it is nice to have them.

There are certain items that do not need to be brand new such as file cabinets or other such furniture items. However, in the case of those items that make your employees work efficiently or comfortably such as laptops and chairs, you should avoid buying used equipment.


Whether it is building insurance, car insurance or liability insurance, insurance is a necessity and nobody will suggest that you cut it out entirely. But around the time when the insurance has to be renewed, you should review your agreements and look for companies that give you a better deal.

By browsing on the internet you can find a cost-effective option as there are websites that let you compare various insurance policies. It is even possible to get your Will written at lower costs by using online Will kit free.

By eliminating these expenses you can save thousands for your business and give its cash flow a positive boost.

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