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Hiring the perfect candidate can be hard enough. Hiring the perfect candidate in the medical field can feel impossible. There are many tips out there for hiring the right person the first time, but we’ll be focusing on what to look for in the medical field specifically. We recommend that you start your search for the perfect candidate using Medhire, which can put you in touch with people who meet your base requirements. From there, it is much easier to do the interviewing process and get a feel for the person behind the resume.

Someone who has a tough resolve.

Whether you’re looking for a receptionist or a doctor, you need someone who can handle anything from a regular checkup to a life-threatening emergency. You want someone who won’t buckle under pressure, faint at the sight of blood, or get fired up when someone treats them poorly. Someone with a tougher resolve will also likely be able to remember protocols and keep their cool, as well as make snap decisions when unusual situations arise.

Someone who has great bedside manner.

Having an appropriate bedside manner is key for both customer retention as well as your company’s reputation. If someone is sick and the staff is uncaring, rude, and too clinical, they will find another place to go. When your staff is aware of and sensitive to your client’s conditions, not only does your reputation go up, your client retention is all but ensured.

Someone who understands the importance of kindness.

This is another important quality to look for. Kindness doesn’t have to be cuddly and sweet, but it does have to be present. Even the gruffest, most clinic attitude can be forgiven with a simple moment of kindness. It’s important that your staff understand the balance between firm and kind, and are good at utilizing both aspects of themselves when dealing with clients.

Someone who is both reputable and reliable.

You could find the best candidate with all the right attributes, the perfect personality, and a great degree and still lose. How’s that? You find out that they only show up to work when they feel like it, or that they were fired from their last job due to poor performance, unreliability, or even temper problems. Checking references and doing background checks and research on the person you’re wanting to hire is extremely important. While it will usually turn up nothing, it can prevent wasted time, lost money, and even potentially prevent loss of clients when it counts.

Someone who has a passion for their work.

When someone has a passion for their work, it shows. From the quality of work they provide for you, to the quality of care they provide for your clients, having a passion for their work will set your new employee over the top. It will bring them in even on days when they’d rather blow off work, and it will keep them coming back even if any disagreements ever arise.

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