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Don’t you wish for a good looking house? Curtains play a key role in making your house look good. There is no other better substitute for curtains to give your room a focal point. It blocks sunlight from entering your room, water in case of shower curtains, also stops intruders from peeping at your bedroom! If you read more about Singapore, you will find that exclusively designed fabrics for curtains are available in here.

How Are Curtains Better Than Blinds

Curtains and blinds have a huge impact on the look of your house, but most of us ignore it during the interior decoration. blinds are not a good insulator. In case of a DIY project, curtains can be easily installed. Blinds are not that great in terms of versatility whereas various types of good quality curtains are available in the market. One can choose expensive thermal backed curtains for extreme weathers for maximum energy efficiency.

Things To Consider

At first, the durability of a curtain should be taken into consideration. Some curtains may look attractive, but they are not durable. Velvet and silk made curtains need proper maintenance dry cleaning where and linen, and synthetic can be dried at home. So, choose the material wisely before buying. Heavily fabricated curtains are normally used for wide and large doors, so they do not fly. Light weight fabrics are preferred for small windows. The styling should be taken care of properly. You must also choose the good quality curtain Singapore according to the lighting of the area. The fabrics on the curtains sometimes fade due to the exposure to the sunlight.

Types Of Drapes

The first mistake many people do is they buy the same curtain and put it in every room without caring if it matches the furnishing of the room. Take a look at the pattern of fabrication on the curtains. It should go with the furnishing of your room, or it may look odd. Sheer drapes are one of the most popular window treatments. It is actually not a good thing to do if you need some privacy. They are wonderful in different areas, but it should never be installed in the bedroom or the bathroom. Go for darker drapes or mix them with window coverings. Understand the natural light condition of your house and install curtains accordingly to your rooms. Install light colored drapes in your reading room and darker drapes where you need some privacy.

Complementing The Interiors

You may not realize, but it is very important to tie up the curtains in with the theme. You don’t have to play safe but make sure it does not clash with the decor. As far as color is concerned, you can use the curtains to add depth to a room, or you can use the curtains to provide a little pop of color or a statement piece to the room. If you are still confused, it is also suggested that you take help of the professionals who are aware of the various types of such fabrics.

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