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Charges of driving under influence or DUI is extremely a grave offence, which can affect the victim’s employment and future. The confusion is whether you need to hire a lawyer in case of DUI charges or will hiring an advocate to defend you add to the expenses, if you get charged with DUI. The answer depends on you are really innocent or can you afford.

Do you need to hire an attorney?

Attorney promise that they ‘may’ help to reduce or dismiss DUI charges or save your driving license. In the past, hiring DUI attorney could help to plead for less charges like reckless driving, pay penalty and move on. As soon as, all the states passed drunk driving per se & other laws, it became compulsory to judge drunk drivers on DUI charges.

If you are really innocent but failed the sobriety or breath test then hiring an attorney is wise. DUI laws are complex, so avoid to represent yourself. If you reside in Georgia then for defending your innocence seek legal counseling from Dolan Dobrinksy Rosenblum, LLP. The definition of good DUI lawyer is –

  • Specialize in DUI laws for that extra focus on DUI defense case.
  • Experience helps them to get familiar with what works and doesn’t in DMV and local courts.
  • Trials and plea bargain knowledge and skills is helpful.
  • Free initial consultations gives a chance to clear your doubts and discover any compatibility problems.

Blood-alcohol level defines guilt

As per se laws, BAC or blood-alcohol level is over legal limit [0.08] with blood or breath test then you are guilty of DUI. Even if you were not slurring or staggering while speaking or appeared intoxicated in any other way then your BAC content is the only evidence required to determine you as guilty of DUI.

Even if you have an attorney the chances of losing driving license, penalty charges, insurance premium increase or you will be imprisoned increases. BAC level is the key to determine your condition, at the time of arrest. Moreover, if your content is 0.08 or more than this conviction will be displayed on your driving history.

How a lawyer can help?

An attorney ensures that you are ready for the court trial by helping you know what will be expected from you. Some requirements get completed before your court appearance. For example, your attorney can file all of your paper work correctly, he might also suggest you complete an alcohol detox program so you can get your driving privileges back.

It means, your attorney will navigate you through a process, which you will need to go through eventually but without any extra sentencing, so to regain your driving rights as soon as possible.

Other charges or situations at the time of arrest for DUI

Other factors can get added to your sentencing for DUI like property damage, repeat offense, injuries to a kid, etc. The lawyer will be able to help reduce some factors but there are compulsory penalties in some states, especially for repeat lawbreakers.

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