Mon. Apr 12th, 2021

Automation has taken many shapes and forms since the past decade. Technologies and trends are improving on a daily basis at a fast rate. Big and small companies used to look up to electronic databases for all their technical needs on the go, especially keeping track of teams of technicians in field service tasks. Today, when quick action has become more the rule than the exception, companies have been thinking of old conventional methods as economic obstacles. Instead, they have been focusing on more technologically advanced concept like Field Service Management or FSM. Here, team members are logged, monitored and controlled automatically without any room for human error. This way any miscommunication, delay or wrong information is avoided for good. 

Although less used than conventional method of team management, the new method called FSM has begun to make waves in almost every sector of the technology industry. It is there for the supervisors to see and watch what technicians are on service, and all information pertaining to their tasks from start to end. The data makes it abundantly clear. And any irregularities can be easily detected and corrected without much effort. As in manual electronic databases, beware entry mistakes. Updating information here can take its own time. Not with FSM where time is of crucial essence. 

Today’s competitive market demands that a business be fast enough in response to its customers. The management department want documentation. This service management software tends to all these needs efficiently. The ability to manage the team and balance the requirements against the needs of employees is the definition of effective management in this case. 

The FSM market is valued at more than three billion and many big companies, like mentioned before, have already made this concept a part of their key strategies. Once more it seems that the automation industry is moving fast and in the right direction. For many companies, this is now the norm. Without a doubt, for many startup companies, this is a pressing need to build business and fast track various tasks. While in-house management has proved to be sufficient to perform all of these tasks, cloud management has been very helpful for field technicians and supervisors on the go. In essence, this type of service management is the best way to keep a tab on a wide range of components that are involved in their field operations. Some of these operations include but not limited to scheduling, inventory management, customer portals, product tracking, vehicle management and much else. 

Both management and non-management employees in many organizations still tend to operate with conventional form of technology. This will, in the future, no longer meet customers’ needs or objectives and may often lead to slow procurement and delivery of service. Service management software on the other hand is intended to prevent such backlogs. Moving forward, it is crucial to adopt the concept of FSM not because it is the right thing to do, but because it is in everyone’s best interest.

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