Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

An organized approach is the first step towards efficient warehouse management. Knowing the exact racks location where each good has been stored and opting for technology that enable quick retrieval of the goods plays an instrumental role in achieving maximum productivity at warehouses. Gone are the days when manual processes could ensure business efficiency at high levels. The answer for modern-day warehouses to contribute to customer delight is warehouse automation. A wide range of automated storage and retrieval systems like ASRS Shuttle, Crane based AS/RS Racking System, just to name a few, are helping warehouses to maximize business outcomes and outpace the competition.

Let’s discuss 5 benefits of warehouse automation that you simply cannot ignore:

Seamless warehouse operations

In today’s complex business world, personnel management is a most critical and challenging job in all industries. With ever increasing competition, tight timelines, rise in SKUs, changing customer preferences, evolving distribution channels and diminishing product life cycles, Automated warehouse storage and retrieval system is a boon for mega distribution centres. It increases warehouse output manifold than a conventional pallet racking system and also ensuresoptimal utilization of resources with high level of inventory management. Automation coupled with RFID technology, sorters, conveyors, roboticspalletizing etcstreamline end-to-end warehouse operations with reduced foot print and high storage capacity. Automation also brings in agility in operations to quickly respond to market changes, new challengesand alsoenablespaperless warehousing operations.

Efficient inventory management

Automated warehouse racking system helps keep a close tab of stock availability, and alsogivingimportant insights on SKUs/products demand and market patterns. It enables better financial management with real-time inventory visibility and control. The automation can eliminates staging orders by facilitating Just-In-Time (JIT) order fulfillment. It means, orders can be prepared once the truck arrives at the distribution centre. It frees up a substantial warehouse space and drive efficiency in warehouse operations.

Accuracy and on-time

Keeping a physical count of products making its way in and out of the warehouse is a challenging task. It is not only time-consuming and labor-intensivebut also leads to errors. Thanks to warehouse automation, these manual processes are becoming a passé, ensuringreal-time accuracy in results.Needless to say, automated business processes also make on-time and accurate delivery possible.

Smart storage and retrieval

With automation, locating products will no more remain a hassle. Manually locating a product among a host of other products is cumbersome, because, it ishumanely not possible to memorize the exact location of every product in a high activity area where thousands of products make their way in and out. Yet again, automation transforms this time-consuming task into one at can be accessed at the click of a button. The location of each product can be easily tracked.

Zero material damage and accidents

Automation makes lives easy for business owners and warehouse managers by removing the human interaction with the products. Gone are the days of manual labor when product damages and accidents were commonplace. Products are seamlessly moved in and out of the warehouse, leaving no chances for damages. It has also done away with avoidable accidents that employees were often prone to while moving heavy goods manually.

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