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A collective union is a diverse, member-driven organization that works hard to protect the right’s of members, and empower them to work together towards a better workplace and society. This type of union represents thousands of union members in both private and public companies and organizations in different parts of Canada. They also help to create collective agreements between trade unions and employers. Examples of such agreements include the collective agreement in Burnaby, BC, which is meant to create better workplaces in the province of British Columbia. Here are some of the benefits of becoming an active union member.

Effective Representation

Union representation may be viewed as a kind of insurance policy. If you are working on a job without any union, your employer may violate the terms of your contract without you having any person or group to help you resolve the issue and uphold your rights. But if you are a union member, you will enjoy different levels of collective representation that can prevent you from being cheated. They work like job stewards that you can consult with your questions and issues.

Some members of the union are elected to serve as councillors and stewards in the workplace and to be the spokesperson for the union. They work as a link between the elected leadership of the union and the other members. Good job stewards know the conditions of the collective agreement between the trade unions and the employers and they ensure that they are kept. These stewards speak for fellow members in day-to-day relations between the management of the workplace and the union and they also help to create better workplaces for all members.

Help With Dispute Resolution in the Workplace

If your concern is not within the scope of expertise of the job steward, or if it concerns many members and needs more time to resolve, it will be referred to the union representative who works on such issues on a full time basis. These union representatives can handle both complex and urgent problems. They are elected democratically and they include labour lawyers who can help members to resolve issues with fair treatment.

Member Education

Job stewards enjoy different educational opportunities during the year. During the job steward seminars, stewards have a chance to discuss best practices and acquire new skills for resolving workplace issues. Also, through negotiations and a collective agreement in Burnaby, many employees now have a chance to receive funding for their education and professional development. The collective agreement for your job will reveal whether you are eligible for educational funds through your employment contract.

Children of members who are 18 years or older are entitled to apply for scholarships if they want to be enrolled in courses, seminars and workshops related to industrial relations in a college, university, professional organization, labour organization, technical institute, or education organization.

Social Events

Recreational and social events to which different members and their family members can participate are organized every year. They include special races, parades, breakfast and skating events during winter holidays. These events are usually organized by the social planning committee of the unions.

Those are some of the important benefits of unions with respect to taking care of members, enforcing a collective agreement in Burnaby, and creating better workplaces. For more information on how to be an active member, contact a job steward in your company today.

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