Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Your brand health is one of your most important assets. While individual adverts tell customers about specific products and sales, it’s your brand that works in the long term, telling customers they can trust those adverts, that your business will understand them and be the right place to spend their money.

What Weakens Brands?

There are all sorts of things that can weaken different brands, depending on the specifics and the industry they operate in, but there are two big universals that you need to avoid however your business makes its money: inconsistency and public failure.

Your brand is not, however much you might like it to be, a single thing that you decide on and then tell your customers about. You can never directly tell your customers what your brand is, only hope to persuade them about it. In reality, your customers tell you what your brand is, because your brand is made up by customers from every interaction they have with your business, from the experience of making a purchase, to seeing a flyer, to hearing about your company from a friend. This means that any and all of your business decisions could potentially affect your brand because they feed into the way customers experience your business.

This is why consistency is so important: strong brands are the ones where every key decision-maker knows what your brand values are and is taking decisions that emphasise those values. If you’ve built a reputation as a high-quality brand never compromising on your principles, and selling only the best products, it will undermine that perception if some of your decisions are visibility cost-cutting, leaving customers feeling like they’ve got a bad deal.

Similarly, all brands, however different they are in their specifics, are founded on the bedrock of knowledge: the perception that they know what their customers want. A public failure erodes this foundation as it exposes that that knowledge isn’t perfect. If you launch a new product that proves to be low in quality and unpopular, it can make customers think twice before choosing your other products, even if they’re well-reviewed.

A Brand Health Check

If you’re concerned about your brand, a market research company can help by monitoring it, and providing data on just how your decisions are affecting your brand strength. This can give you peace of mind, help you identify areas you need to improve and help you learn how customers respond to your decisions so that in future you optimise towards the best outcomes every time!

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