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Life is going with a tremendous speed these days. Finding a perfect balance between work, family, and personal life is nearly impossible. We all struggle with the negative sides of the modern world.

There’s not much to do about it, really. We have to accept the fact and continue with everything we got. Surrendering means living under every expectation we had for ourselves since we were kids. On the other hand, no one is strong enough to live without rest for years. From time to time, it’s wise to have a break from everything and simply go somewhere where you’ll be completely disconnected from the world.

Mindfulness and meditation retreats are the best option here. Every now and then you have to visit some of them and take a break. Find yourself again and gain more strength if you want to continue living in the same pace. 

What you need to look for?

Mindfulness retreats are places where people go to relax and look for the positive energy they miss in life. This means you need a place that’s far enough from civilization. You don’t need to wake up with the sound of the taxi drivers’ horns. You’re looking for peace and quiet.

The best places are in nature and surrounded by everything it can offer. Green fields, mountains, and rivers are the best surroundings you need for this occasion. If the place you fancy has all these things to offer and on top of it has a great team of people serving for your well being, then you’re in the right place.

Should you go alone or with someone?

There’s no rule about this but if you think about why you’re going, then you’ll realize right away that this a place where people go to look for the missing part inside them. You should go alone.

Other people, no matter how good company they are, might distract you from the inner conversation you’re about to have there and, of course, the conversation with some of the life coaches who help the visitors get back on track. See this amazing article on life coaching for more about it.

Three best retreats right now

These kinds of retreats are very popular these days. The offer is huge and we’re highlighting some of the best at the moment:

Gaia House, South Devon

Just as we said above, the most important surrounding is nature. That’s why this place is called Gaia. It means Earth. The connection with it is the most important part of regaining life’s joy.

Located in the beautiful woods of South Devon, this green oasis offers peace, quiet, and the teachings of many Buddhist dharma experts from all around the world. They’ll share their experience and dharma lessons about life with you during your stay after which you’ll be ready to take on the world again.

Creacon Lodge, Creaken, Ireland

Ireland is known for its almost magical beauty. Located in the green fields near the river Barrow, this place offers a complete get away from the noise of the city life.

The best part is that Creacon Lodge offers a one-on-one life coaching that will help you find the path you’re looking for and start following it. You won’t be disturbed by anyone and the professionals there will try to fit your own personal needs.

Amchara, Somerset

Located in south-west England, in one of the places with the most history in the world, the Amchara resort can make you feel like you’re reconnecting with the ancestors and their wisdom. Learn more about why nature is important on this link: http://willsull.net/resources/270-Readings/BratmanHamiltonDaily2012.pdf

It is a complete hotel offering taking care of you in every segment. With professionals dealing with nutrition, doctors, and emotional support therapists you can completely let go enjoy your time there.


The most important feature every mindfulness retreat must have is peace. This is the essence needed for thinking and finding your inner voice. This, additionally, is important for reaching happiness and satisfaction.

The love for yourself and feeling satisfied with life in general is the most important issue we all must pay attention to. These kinds of retreats are helping you reach it since it’s not easy doing the same thing in the city jungle.  

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