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A latex mattress is made from natural plant materials. This organic mattress therefore has a good number of advantages over synthetic mattresses made from petroleum products. Here are 5 good reasons why you should use a latex mattress in Seattle.

1. Natural Materials

An organic mattress made from latex is produced with only natural materials. Latex is a natural liquid that comes from rubber trees. Combined with water, fats and a few other additives like organic wool, natural latex delivers a very strong, resilient and comfortable product. It does not have layers padded with polyurethane foam and other materials obtained through synthesis of various hydrocarbon based materials. Some brands also comply with the requirements for Global Organic Latex to give you a healthier and cleaner mattress.

2. Environmentally Friendly Production

Manufacturers of the latex mattress in Seattle use latex that comes from well managed rubber tree plantations. The latex is obtained by tapping the tree as it grows. Very little additives are used during processing and so there is minimal impact on the environment during production. Solvents and chemicals that pollute the atmosphere are not used in the process. Also, the planting of rubber trees helps to improve air quality while the latex obtained from the trees is recyclable and biodegradable.

3. Safe and Non-toxic

An organic mattress made of latex will not contain all the toxic chemicals that are present in innerspring beds and memory foam which are usually made of polyurethane foam. The absence of fire retardant substances also reduces the amount of toxic chemicals that the user will be exposed to. Unlike the VOCs and other chemicals found in synthetic mattresses, latex mattresses do not have any chemicals that are linked with fatigue or cancer risks.

4. Unparalleled Durability

Latex mattresses are more durable than the synthetic models which have been used for many years in the foam industry. The durability of the latex mattress beats that of memory foam. This means consumers will be able to enjoy the utility of their bed for more years without the need to replace their mattresses. Some latex mattress manufacturers also allow users to replace the mattress in layers instead of buying an entirely new bed.

  1. More Responsive with Faster Spring-backNatural latex offers the user a more comfortable and gentle feeling on the body while sleeping. Latex has superior buoyancy when compared to memory foam that adapts to the contours of the user and polyurethane foam that tends to stay compressed for a longer time. Latex yields faster and provides a faster response when you turn on it.

    6. Cooler Temperature at Night

    To keep users cool at night, different mattress manufacturers have adopted tactics like adding different fabrics and gels to their mattresses. But natural latex already offers a lower temperature than other materials like memory foam. It is naturally breathable and it also allows faster motion transfer and reduced pressure on the skin. It may also be combined with natural cotton or wool for improved breathability and comfort.

    With these benefits, consumers will be more willing to use a latex mattress in Seattle. Latex is durable, environmentally-friendly, comfortable, cooler and healthier than many other synthetic options.

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